Online Learning Helps Foster Work Skills

Whether you want a part-time job in a restaurant or a career as a biochemist, you’ll find most employersare looking for the same basic qualities: good organizational and time management skills, as well as self-motivation and clear communication skills. And when you take online high school courses, you’re developing all of those skills that could […]

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Remote Learning Offers Relief from Bullying and Harassment

Students who are bullied at school may be more likely to perform poorly on tests, have low GPAs, to skip school or drop out altogether. Victims of harassment, threats, malicious gossip and physical or verbal attacks may suffer from depression, anxiety and long-lasting psychological trauma. Sometimes, bullied students are afraid to tell their parents about […]

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Taylor Swift at Academy of Country Music

Famous Homeschoolers Who Inspire

The concept of getting an education at home is becoming increasingly popular, according to the latest available statistics. Within a 10-year period, between 2003 and 2012, the number of homeschooled students in the United States increased by 61.8 percent. While more students are getting their educations at home, the majority of K-12 students still attend […]

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Tennis Student

Tips for Aspiring NCAA Athletes

Playing a collegiate sport has many benefits for students, including the availability of scholarships at NCAA member schools, access to the best trainers and training facilitiesand, at Division I and II schools, unlimited free meals on campus. The perks that come with being an NCAA athlete are appealing to many high school students, but the […]

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Woman looking at exam paper anxiously in exam hall

How to Manage Test Anxiety

It’s test day, and even though you’ve studied, a wave of dread begins to creep over you. You feel your heart thump in your chest. Your palms begin to sweat. You feel sick to your stomach. If this scenario sounds familiar, know that you’re not alone – many students suffer from test anxiety. Making a […]

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5 Ways to Maintain Focus at Home

Most professionals who work from home will say that staying focused is the hardest part of their job. With so many distractions at home, it’s easy to get sidetracked and realize at the end of the day you didn’t accomplish what you needed to. However, people who work from home often develop tactics and routines […]

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6 Tips for an Ergonomic Workstation

If you’re considering enrolling in online high school, you’ll likely be spending a lot more time online than usual. An ergonomic work area can help you avoid the eye strain, back pain and muscle fatigue that’s often associated with working in front of a computer. The best workstation is one that fits your body’s proportions, […]

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Does a Diploma Affect Earning Potential?

Have you ever wondered just how much education you really need? It may seem like there’s not a big difference between completing most of your high school education, as opposed to all of it, but statistics show that people who earn their diploma or pass their GED exam are likely to earn more income than […]

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Teens Leaving High School to Work

Increasing Number of Teens Leaving High School to Support Families

Some people may assume that teens drop out of high school because they have behavioral problems, a lack of parental guidance or poor grades, but an increasing number of high school students are leaving school so they can work and help contribute to family finances. Urban Institute, a Washington DC-based social and economic research organization, […]

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4 Things You Should Know To Get Into Your Top College Picks

Are you worried about getting into your top colleges? If you’re thinking the competition is getting stiffer, you’re right. According to the latest statistics, the average school was accepting 65.5 percent of applicants, according to the National Association for College Admission Counseling. That’s down from 71 percent in 2001. And if you’re considering an elite […]

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