Meet Our Indiana Online High School Math Staff

Mrs. Jennifer Abney
Miss BenjaminJenn Abney is a 2005 Lawrence North High School graduate and 2009 Ball State University graduate. In addition to teaching with Achieve Virtual Education, Mrs. Abney teaches Algebra II honors and Geometry at Ben Davis High School and is attending the University of Indianapolis to earn her masters in administration. Mrs. Abney is currently in her seventh year of teaching and is excited to be back for yet another fantastic year at Ben Davis!

Ms. Gramer
Ms. GramerSherry Gramer is a math teacher at Ben Davis High School. She received her bachelors degree in math education from the University of Michigan and a masters degree in math education at Butler University. She taught one year in a small rural school in Michigan in 1986, then came to Ben Davis in 1987. She currently teaches AP Calculus BC and AP Calculus AB.

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Mr. Slack
Mr. SlackMike Slack is a teacher who values education, as shown by his devoted 39-year teaching career. Mr. Slack has taught math at Perry Meridian High School since 1974 and is currently teaching algebra 1 and pre-calculus. Mr. Slack and his wife, Sue, are both originally from Terre Haute but moved to the south side of Indianapolis shortly after they were married. Mr. Slack welcomes all “mathemagicians” and hopes he is a positive influence to all of his Achieve Virtual students.

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Miss McFall
Miss McFallAndrea McFall graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in April 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics Education, and she has been teaching with Ben Davis and Achieve Virtual since then. Miss McFall has a diverse cultural experiences, having attended school in the Philippines and Republic of Ireland, as well as teaching for six weeks in Hamilton, Scotland as part of a study abroad program. She loves to travel around the world. She has visited London, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Nicaragua, and South Africa, to name a few. One of her goals is to visit all seven continents, even Antarctica. In her free time, Miss McFall enjoys reading, writing, and making math equations out of the time. She also enjoys playing with her dog, Kira.

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Ms. Joanna Nunley
Joanna Nunley Joanna Nunley is excited about her first year of teaching in AVE. She is currently in her seventh year of traditional classroom teaching. She teaches Algebra 1 and Geometry. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Indianapolis and also has master’s degrees from Butler and UIndy. Joanna enjoys playing the piano and volunteering.

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