Essential Soft Skills Students Gain in Online Education

Online Education

a virtual high school education provides students with soft skills essential for later success.

Essential Soft Skills Students Gain in Online Education

Beyond earning a degree, high school students acquire skills that prepare them for adulthood and workforce. Among the most important skills gained during those four years are soft skills – or personal attributes, personality traits, inherent social cues, and communication abilities needed for success on the job. These are the skills that can’t always be […]

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Online high school graduation

5 Steps to Graduating Early from Online High School

Who says you must follow the rules when it comes to high school graduation? Online schools attract students who aren’t afraid to operate outside of the norm. That’s why some of these students work toward graduating early–in less than the traditional four years. You can too. Here’s how. Set a target graduation date. The sooner […]

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Two Businesswomen Working in Office

How Online Learning Equips you for your Future Workplace

What career are you planning on pursuing? Medical technician? Computer systems analyst? How about a mechanical engineer, IT manager or marketing specialist? With the way that technology is affecting just about everything, including the workplace, it’s quite possible that the jobs that exist tomorrow could look significantly different than they do today. In fact, some […]

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Student Studying atop Stack of Books

5 Reasons to Enroll in AP Classes at an Online High School

Once you’ve decided on an online education, you may also want to consider enrolling in an online high school with Advanced Placement (AP) classes. There is an ongoing debate as to whether enrolling in AP courses should be the route to earning college credit. Depending upon which colleges you apply to, there’s a chance some […]

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Standardized Test Answer Sheet

How Online Educators Aid Standardized Test Prep

Last year, technical failures and frustration about efficacy erupted, hindering traditional school state standardized testing. Despite challenges in arranging tests, according to bloggED, online public schools “consistently meet the federally required 95 percent test participation rate.” Why are standardized tests seemingly better executed in virtual schools? Although held to the same standards as traditional schools, […]

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student with a laptop

Enroll Now and Learn on Your Time

Enroll Now for Achieve Virtual’s Fall 2017 Semester and Learn on Your Time Online high school gives you the ability to pursue an education in a flexible manner. And it’s not too late to register for Achieve Virtual Education Academy’s upcoming fall semester! The fall semester runs from July 27 through December 22nd. Enrollment is […]

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Students holding sports equipment

10 Ways to Meet Your Physical Education Credits in Virtual School

Whether it’s math, science or World History & Civilization, students often wonder how school subjects they learn relate to “real life.” There’s no doubt that athletic habits contribute to overall health in “the real world,” but how does physical education fit in an online education? As many online students can attest, it can work quite […]

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University Of Tennessee Hill

Financing Education: Getting High School Diploma and College Credits Simultaneously

Financing Education: How to Get Your High School Diploma and College Credits at the Same Time The key to your career path can also be a stumbling block: education is expensive. But you can maximize the time and money you spend by consolidating effort. Today, you have the option to apply and receive credits for […]

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Online School for ADHD Teens

Online Schools for ADHD Teens

Online Education for ADHD Teens ADHD teens may struggle with concentration in a traditional classroom setting, but an online high school is often an ideal alternative option, because they offer: Highly individualized instruction and pacing. Flexibility to design your own schedule. Fewer distractions and the ability to control your setting, aiding concentration. Freedom to study […]

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Female Student With Questions

3 Alternative Schooling Options for Pregnant Teens

3 Alternative School Options for Pregnant Teens An unplanned pregnancy early in life does not have to mean the end of one’s education. But you may need to pursue an alternative school option. Some public schools do have special programs in place to help pregnant teens graduate, but many aren’t equipped to handle their special […]

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