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Summer Reading: Learn and Prep for the New School Year

Indianapolis Public Library’s 2017 Summer Reading Program, Read it and Eat, is one fun way to learn, win prizes like Colts tickets, practical gifts like college savings accounts and give back via Gleaners Food Bank donations. But whether in a formal program like this or one you create, summer reading can help you get a […]

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High School Diploma or Equivalency Test

Which Matters Most to Employers? “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” –Malcolm X Graduating or earning your high school diploma is big deal in American culture. In fact, early withdrawal from high school isn’t conclusive to your education or work prospects. Second chance programs, […]

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10 Ways to Meet Your Physical Education Credits in Virtual School

Whether it’s math, science or World History & Civilization, students often wonder how school subjects they learn relate to “real life.” There’s no doubt that athletic habits contribute to overall health in “the real world,” but how does physical education fit in an online education? As many online students can attest, it can work quite […]

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Landing Your First Job After School

Tips For Landing Your First Job After School You don’t have to graduate with a degree in sales to market yourself, but you will need a plan to keep up with your competition in the job market. Landing a job after graduating can be taxing. Some employers won’t hire you if you lack experience. But […]

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Financing Education: Getting High School Diploma and College Credits Simultaneously

Financing Education: How to Get Your High School Diploma and College Credits at the Same Time The key to your career path can also be a stumbling block: education is expensive. But you can maximize the time and money you spend by consolidating effort. Today, you have the option to apply and receive credits for […]

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Online School for ADHD Teens

Online Schools for ADHD Teens

Online Education for ADHD Teens ADHD teens may struggle with concentration in a traditional classroom setting, but an online high school is often an ideal alternative option, because they offer: Highly individualized instruction and pacing. Flexibility to design your own schedule. Fewer distractions and the ability to control your setting, aiding concentration. Freedom to study […]

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Student Tip: Quick Access to Courses

If you are a full-time student, you may have several courses throughout the year. One way to organize your courses is to favorite the classes you are currently taking. When you log in to the Wayne Learning Hub, (1) click on Courses at the top menu bar.  Then, (2) select the All courses link at […]

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3 Alternative Schooling Options for Pregnant Teens

3 Alternative School Options for Pregnant Teens An unplanned pregnancy early in life does not have to mean the end of one’s education. But you may need to pursue an alternative school option. Some public schools do have special programs in place to help pregnant teens graduate, but many aren’t equipped to handle their special […]

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What You Need to Know About Today’s Online Learning Model

What You Need to Know About Today’s Online Learning Model

With about 2.3 million K-12 students enrolled in online schools, it should come as no surprise that this alternative style of learning is now being considered mainstream. In fact, numerous states now require students to enroll in at least one online course before graduating from high school. Virginia, Idaho, Alabama, Florida, and Michigan are among […]

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7 Tips to Help Online Students Get into College

Ready to take on college? Whether or not you’re at the point of filling out applications, it’s never too early to start building the habits that will help you gain admission into the colleges of your choice. Based on recent statistics, it’s getting harder to get accepted into college — especially top-tier institutions. Although the […]

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