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Use the Summer to Get Ready for Fall Learning

If you’re like most parents, you probably have great memories of how much fun you had during summer break from high school. Of course you want to make sure your own high school student makes great memories this summer as well. But there is also plenty of time during summer to make sure your kids […]

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Benefits of Integrating Online Learning with Traditional Education

10 Benefits of Integrating Online Learning With Traditional Education

Blending online and in-classroom experiences give students the best of both worlds Across all levels of education, students are enrolling in more online courses. Times have changed since the one-size-fits-all way for the schools of yesteryear. Educators now better understand that learning styles differ from student to student. So how can you best maximize a […]

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Supplement a Homeschool Education

Online Education Supplements Home Schooling

With 2.3 million students getting their education at home, it’s safe to say that homeschooling is becoming more mainstream. However, if you’re among the students who have committed to this style of learning, it’s likely that you’ll occasionally experience challenges with rounding out your curriculum – especially as the subject matter becomes more complex. Many […]

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Adapt to Teaching in an Online High School

How to Adapt to Teaching in an Online High School

If you’re in the business of teaching, an online course could very well be in your future. With the rapid rise of online school enrollment — at both K-12 and college levels, institutions are preparing for an increasing demand for teachers who can make the transition to an online education format. In 2014, 5.8 million […]

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Online Learning Fit your Learning Style

Does Online Learning Fit Your Learning Style?

Everyone has a different learning style – or preference, as some educational experts prefer to call it. If you’ve ever been in a classroom setting or tried to learn a new skill before you are aware of how you learn best. Online learning is a great way to choose the types of instruction that work […]

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Technology Changing Students Learning

How Technology is Changing the Way Students Are Learning

It would be an understatement to say that technology has significantly changed the way we communicate, function and gather information as part of our day-to-day routines. Look at any group of people in public and you’ll see faces down as they peer into the screens of their mobile devices. At any given moment, we can […]

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Gifted Students

Gifted Students Gain from Online Education

For gifted student who are learning at an accelerated rate compared to their peers – finding the right educational setting presents its own set of challenges. Do you advance a grade or two to get classes with more challenging work – all at the risk of being out of place socially? And is that the […]

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Graduation Cap and Diploma

6 Reasons to Consider Completing Your High School Diploma

If it’s been years since you missed out on the opportunity to get your high school diploma, you may wonder, “What’s the point?” More than likely, plenty has happened since that time. Maybe you have a job, a family, responsibilities and other challenges that make it difficult to think about getting your high school diploma. […]

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College Transition

Transitioning from Online School to College

Adjusting to anything new can be stressful and challenging. However, making the leap from high school to college can be incredibly difficult. You’re adjusting to an entirely new environment – including the school, students, teachers, a new room and a more rigorous academic schedule. That’s why you’ll likely experience what many people frequently describe as […]

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Advantages of Online School

5 Advantages of Attending Online School

Considering making a move to online school? While it can be a significant change from the experience of a brick and mortar school, online school definitely has its advantages – both at the high school and college level. Distance education, as it’s sometimes called, has been on the rise over the past decade and is […]

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