Application Received – Summer

Thank you for applying for the Achieve Virtual summer school program! Below is some more information regarding what you can expect as we process your enrollment:
  • Login Information: As an MSD of Wayne student, your usual Chromebook / Learning Hub login will still be utilized along with your Wayne email (Ben Davis, Ben Davis University, and Achieve Virtual). All classes are in Itslearning.
  • Once enrolled, students will be able to login at (the Login button is orange and currently located at the bottom of the web page – scroll down).
  • Each day, Achieve Virtual will send Ben Davis, WPA, BDU, and BDNG counselors a batch list of the students who registered during the day or previous day along with what specific classes the students requested through a Shared Google Sheet. Your counselors will then mark the sheet as Approved, Denied, or Change. If “Change” is marked, counselors will then provide the course request adjustment or correction.
  • As long as your school responds with the approval, you’ll be enrolled by our office and placed into your approved courses. Understand this is not an immediate process as we must schedule all individual students and requests manually. We will be scheduling students up until the start of summer school opening on June 4.
  • When you’re placed into the class, our system will send the student email an automated message notifying them they’ve been placed. It will be about 24 hours before you’ll be able to login to our system and see your classes. If it’s before June 4, your class may appear but will be empty (no content). Classes don’t officially open until June 4.
  • Summer school runs from June 4 to July 15 (6 weeks).