Thank you for applying for the Achieve Virtual summer school program! Below is some more information regarding next steps that we will be taking in getting you into our program!

  • Each day, Achieve will send your school’s counselors a batch/group list of the students who registered during the day or previous day along with what specific classes the students requested. Your counselors will then respond with approvals or denials to Achieve.
  • As long as your school responds with the approval, you’ll be enrolled by our office and placed into your approved courses immediately (depending on how many we’re manually entering at that time).
  • When you’re placed into the class, our system will send you an automated email notifying you that you’ve been placed (whatever email address is on the application for the student). This email includes login information. It will be about 24 hours before you’ll be able to login to our system.
  • This is the confirmation you’re enrolled and counting for summer school…Congrats, you’re in!
  • If you’re a returning Achieve Virtual student from last summer or this past school year, you should already know how to login. However, if you’re new to Achieve (never taken a course with us), you will need to read the instructions in the placement email very carefully on how you need to set up or claim your account so you can login.
  • New students, you’ll want to go ahead and claim your account so you’re all set for the start of summer school (after the 24 hour period of receiving the placement email).
  • Once you create your password, you’re in and good to go for summer school 2018 that begins on June 4th. Teachers will reach out to help you get started as we get closer to June 5th or before, depending on the class or teacher.
  • Once we’re full, our website and registration tab will have notification of being full and we will notify your school’s counselors that we’re no longer accepting summer school students. The application will no longer be available, so no new applications we be able to be created or accepted. This process will happen at 4:00pm the day we hit our enrollment capacity of 2,500 students.