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What the Best Homeschooling Programs are Doing Online

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Most public school students spend their school years walking down hallways that are too tight, cramming books and papers into lockers that are too small, and attempting to learn in an environment that is too distracting. Some former students may look back on these things fondly.

Others may look back and realize that the tools they required to succeed did not surround them. All educators strive to meet the personal needs of all of their students. Traditional public schooling sometimes falls short. Because of this, online educational opportunities are expanding their reach, giving those that do not fit the traditional public school model a chance to achieve success.

Online public education gives high school-age students in pursuit of a high school diploma the opportunity to work with certified teachers. Traditional public schools may not be able to meet the specific needs of each individual grade level student. Online school programs deliver the personalized learning that all students deserve.

What Online Courses for High School Offer

Parental Involvement

The parent can be just as important as the teacher in homeschooling. In distance learning, parents can also be the motivators. They are one of the face-to-face contacts with the student.

One of the chief complaints about traditional public schools is that parents are not able to engage actively with their child’s education. With online courses available through Achieve Virtual, parents are able to be fully involved in the educational path of their child. Not only do certified Indiana teachers work with the individual student, but they can also work directly with the parent to ensure educational goals are being met. Through Achieve Virtual’s courses, students will meet requirements for core programs like language arts, math and social studies as part of their homeschooling. Teachers can interact directly with parents. Because of this, the worry and stress of wondering how their child is doing in classes disappears.

A major report by the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL) found that “Programs and interventions that engage families in supporting their children’s learning at home are linked to higher student achievement.” Achieve Virtual provides the framework for success by ensuring parental involvement in the online education of all of our students. The same report found that higher parental involvement in education correlates directly with higher GPA.

As students progress in their learning, teachers will regularly speak with parents, providing progress updates and highlighting any areas that need work. Achieve Virtual’s teachers care about each student greatly. They want each student to succeed and work with parents to make that happen.


As students move through the grade levels in high school, establishing a routine is bound to happen. Rigid routines are not for all students. Online courses provide an outlet for those students that find strict routines difficult. Achieve Virtual allows homeschool students to learn at their own pace. They can spend more time on classes that aren’t as easy for them and accelerate through those that come more naturally.

The best homeschooling programs in Indiana cite flexibility as one of the most important parts of their homeschooling curriculum for a reason. It works. Students move at their own pace alongside parents and certified teachers. This pushes online students to emphasize actual learning and retention over memorization and deadlines.

Students are able to select schedules that work for them. Strict schedules are no more. The lesson plans created by certified Indiana teachers are created with flexibility in mind.

Each course on Achieve Virtual’s always-expanding list is written and taught by certified Indiana teachers. Students can choose from a variety of options. Dual-credit courses are available that can help homeschooling students begin working toward a college education.

Online students have the flexibility to take advanced placement (AP) courses. Students can also qualify for early graduation by finishing courses ahead of schedule.

Teacher-Student Relationship

Students in traditional public schools often feel overlooked. Teachers often have dozens of students per class, resulting in not necessarily being able to give the personalized instruction needed. Achieve Virtual’s online courses give students one-on-one interactions with certified teachers. Every question asked will be answered. Homework assignments get direct feedback.

Achieve Virtual’s teachers truly get to know each student. The opportunity to talk with teachers directly is unique in online programs. Achieve Virtual is the only service of its type in Indiana. Achieve Virtual gives students free online high school courses with certified teachers who care. Student success is their number one goal.

The one-on-one interaction with teachers at Achieve Virtual is exactly what some students need. The personalized learning experience enhances the relationship between teacher and student.

Transitional Learning

High school courses offered through Achieve Virtual are great for students in transition. Families moving to a different location could benefit from temporary online homeschooling. Its flexibility and qualified teachers mean that transitional students can stay on the same path as their peers.

Achieve Virtual may also offer options for students transitioning from middle school to high school. Not every student is prepared to make the jump to high school right away. Online education allows them to stay on track with their peers. It also allows them to gain the skills necessary to succeed in traditional schools.

Is Homeschooling Online the Right Choice?

Attending virtual school is a great option for many students and families. Achieve Virtual prides itself in offering an alternative opportunity and pathway to success for so many students. Achieve Virtual Education Academy provides a personalized, self-paced learning experience for students.

All students are not the same. If your student is struggling in traditional schools, they might benefit from online homeschooling.

For more specific questions about classes and getting started at Achieve Virtual, contact us!

Educational success for you or your student is just a few clicks away.

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