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10 Benefits of Integrating Online Learning With Traditional Education

Blending online and in-classroom experiences give students the best of both worlds

Across all levels of education, students are enrolling in more online courses. Times have changed since the one-size-fits-all way for the schools of yesteryear. Educators now better understand that learning styles differ from student to student. So how can you best maximize a mix of resources that will best fit your student?

Millions of parents are finding a mix of online and traditional learning allows for students to be comfortable in their learning style while having traditional school resources available to them.

Here are 10 benefits to a blended mix of online and traditional education:

1. Combine Online Learning With Classroom Resources
Integrating online and in-classroom is beneficial because it combines face-to-face teaching with the agility of virtual learning. No student is alone, yet has a sense of independence in his or her educational journey.

2. Offering Both Appeals To Students
Students have indicated the ability to switch between in-classroom and online instruction. This provides flexibility in learning and also provides a healthy mix of face-to-face interaction with problem self-solving.

3. Learn at Your Own Pace
Integrating online learning with traditional education allows you to target your student’s strengths and weaknesses. If your student is proficient in one area and can accelerate his or her learning speed, taking that subject online may be an advantage. If you’re more comfortable in another subject with in-classroom instruction, then you can enjoy that benefit as well.

4. More Affordable
This may or may not be a huge factor if you’re blending the two methods, but online learning tends to be more affordable than in-classroom. Between efficiency and hard costs, online learning can be more affordable over the long run.

5. Improve Student-Teacher Communication
Some students are hindered by raising their hand in front of peers. However, with a sense of independence that comes from virtual learning, your student will be more willing to ask questions and participate in class discussion.

6. Integrate Greater Exploration
Online teachers can point students to links to help students learn and become interested in topics more effectively than a lecture. By showing real-world situations with articles and visuals, students can grab a greater understanding and can also ask a teacher for further information as well.

7. Receive 24/7 Access to Learning Materials
As professional workplaces become more flexible in the real world, schools have followed suit. Various learning styles could mean students learn better at different times of the day. Online learning gives your student the opportunity to access learning materials at any time.

8. Don’t Fall Behind In Case Something Happens
By integrating online learning, your student won’t fall behind in case of illness or any extended absence from school. If absences may seem like an issue, online learning can fill that need.

9. Parents Can Be More Involved
With a mix of online and traditional learning, parents can have a better understanding of progress and struggles. It’s less on the teachers to engage with the parents, yet teachers can still be available for if extra information is needed.

10. Sharpen Digital Skills
After school is over, job placement may be contingent on your student having adequate tech skills. By living in that environment during school, he or she will demonstrate an ability to learn digital platforms – which will pay off later in the job market.

Millions of students are getting their education at home. The good news is online learning isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. You and your student are given the options to succeed at Achieve Virtual Education Academy, Indiana’s only online high school from a public school district.

At Achieve, you will find the resources and background of a public school combined with the flexibility and affordability of cutting-edge online learning. Contact us today or call 317-836-5839 to find the best of both worlds in online and in-classroom!

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