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5 Advantages of Attending Online School

Considering making a move to online school? While it can be a significant change from the experience of a brick and mortar school, online school definitely has its advantages – both at the high school and college level.

Distance education, as it’s sometimes called, has been on the rise over the past decade and is steadily growing. According to the Digital Learning Compass’ Distance Education Enrollment Report 2017, the number of higher education students taking at least one distance education course now tops 6 million, about 30% of all enrollments.

There are some clear reasons for the success of online schools. Take a look at the following 5 advantages to help you determine if online school happens to be right for you.

1. Flexibility in your schedule.

One of the main reasons many students prefer online school is the unique flexibility in scheduling that it allows. Whether you finish your work early in the morning or you happen to be a night owl, your schedule is completely up to you – especially if you attend an online school that offers that flexibility. You can work around a job, extracurricular activities, family demands or volunteer work in order to create the schedule that is just right for you.

2. Learn at your own pace.

One of the beauties of online school is being able to learn subjects at your own pace. Although the material is presented systematically for you, online schools may help you with level placement and can allow you to work ahead or slower than your peers. This gives you the freedom to learn in a way that suits you best. You can tailor the lessons to match your own learning pace and have a one-of-a-kind school experience.

3. Get personalized attention.

Because you are learning online, teachers are typically only a short email or phone call away. Whenever you run into a glitch or have concerns, you can simply reach out to your instructor and quickly receive an answer. Online teachers generally care greatly for their students’ success and will usually go above and beyond to help you when need that extra attention.

4. Be comfortable.

You can dress as comfortably as you like, pour a mug of your favorite hot beverage, and log in to your classes whenever you like. Because you are in the comfort of your own home, you don’t need to be concerned with fashion trends. You also can take your lessons on the go to your favorite coffee shop, a local park or wherever you might feel the most inspired to complete your lessons. As eLearning mentions in a recent article, you won’t need public transport or a car to get to class; it’s all available for you right from your computer.

5. Teaches self-motivation.

One perk of online school is that it prepares you to be completely self-motivated. You will learn to be driven by your own intrinsic desire to succeed. Many times you will set your own schedule and learn the habit of staying on track with classes and meeting times, completing each subject assignments, studying for tests, and going the extra mile to learn more. You will accomplish all of this without constant reminders and scaffolding.

You will be motivated because of your own desire to be successful in your course load. For many students, these lessons in time management are great preparation for attending college or working a full-time or part-time job.

In summary, attending online school has many benefits that have contributed to its increasing popularity. If you are considering online school, you will gain the opportunity to be flexible with your schedule, receive personalized attention, learn at your own pace and gain first-hand knowledge about what it means to be self-motivated. It can be the smartest option to help you reach your goals.

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