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Gifted Students Gain from Online Education

For gifted student who are learning at an accelerated rate compared to their peers – finding the right educational setting presents its own set of challenges. Do you advance a grade or two to get classes with more challenging work – all at the risk of being out of place socially? And is that the right choice if a student is gifted in a specific course but on par with her peers in others?

This is a dilemma that families of gifted students have been facing for generations. It is one of the primary reasons many educators are excited about the opportunities and flexibility that an online education can offer advancing students. Online education allows students to enroll full-time or part-time and customize a curriculum that is unique to them based on their interests and strengths.

If you are considering an online education for yourself or a gifted student in your life, consider these 8 benefits that these students can gain from this type of education.

1. Customize the curriculum.

As noted earlier, one of the top advantages of an online education is the ability to customize courses. While this could be an option at some larger traditional schools, this type of customization may not always be available at others. A capable 11-year-old student who would benefit from taking a Calculus course, for example, would not have any barriers to taking that course through an online school.

2. Take Honors/AP courses.

Again, not all schools are equipped to offer an extensive range of courses, including Honors and AP courses. With an online education, these courses can be taken from the convenience of home – whether as a supplement to courses taken at a traditional school or fully as part of an online education.

3. Gain more flexibility.

Want to be more creative in the way you learn? Perhaps, you want to shadow a professional in the career you want to eventually pursue. Maybe you want to sit in a college level classroom for a semester. With an online education, you have the flexibility to take those opportunities when you want.

4. Earn dual credits.

If a student is capable of excelling in college-level coursework, why not earn college level credits? Online learning is a beneficial option for students who are eager to jumpstart their college education and begin earning college credits at their own pace.

5. Graduate early.

Online schools can offer students the opportunity to advance faster and graduate from high school early. Students are able to add extra classes through online classes and hit their goal and have the option to finish their studies at night and on weekends to gain the credits needed to finish their graduation requirements.

6. Learn independently.

One of the benefits of being an online student is gaining the ability to work independently and improve time management skills. Gifted students often feel frustrated in traditional group settings where they are not able to engage in course work at their advanced level.

7. Explore specialized courses.

As with many online students, a gifted student will have the opportunity to take courses that may not be available at their local school. Want to study a foreign language like German? Chinese? An online school can offer those opportunities and at all levels.

8. Individualized attention.

Many online schools offer students one-on-one attention through instructors and counselors. It’s important to take advantage of the available resources and communicate all interests to make sure every student is getting the correct curriculum and mix of courses to challenge them at every level.

With an online education, gifted students are able to overcome the challenges that have prevented them from feeling engaged in their coursework. Online education allows the unique opportunity to get a customized learning experience tailored to each student.

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