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3 Alternative Schooling Options for Pregnant Teens

3 Alternative School Options for Pregnant Teens

An unplanned pregnancy early in life does not have to mean the end of one’s education. But you may need to pursue an alternative school option.

Some public schools do have special programs in place to help pregnant teens graduate, but many aren’t equipped to handle their special needs. That’s why alternative education may be ideal: they offer schedule and learning flexibility, support and variety. Three common alternative school options are:

  1. Homeschool – This option works well when there is a parent or other adult who is able and willing to commit to the responsibilities and demands that homeschooling involves. Since a homeschool is set up by agreement with the state of residence, laws will vary.
  2. Residential Programs – Specifically designed for pregnant teens, residential programs address education and health needs.
  3. Distance/Online Education – An increasingly popular option, online learning gives students the ability to organize their workload and schedule in a way that works best for them.

Achieve Virtual Academy Online High School

What do you gain in an online high school? Consider the features of Achieve Virtual Academy’s high school, which offers students:

  • Learning in the comfort and privacy of your own home. This aspect of virtual high school is appealing to many people and can be especially beneficial for pregnant teens and new moms.  
  • Access to a diverse array of course selections and interactive learning opportunities.
  • Highly individualized attention, with consistent and frequent feedback from certified Indiana teachers.
  • Flexibility that enables you to move at your own pace and create a schedule that is best for you.
  • Engaging course content that allows you to connect with other students online and collaborate.

Online learning can open many doors, so you don’t have to feel stuck or without options. You still have a bright future ahead of you and meaningful goals to achieve. Online high schools can help you continue to pursue, and ultimately fulfill, your dreams.

Want to learn more about Achieve Virtual Academy? Contact us today!

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