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An Increasing Demand For Online Learning

What Is Online Learning?

While the importance of brick-and-mortar schools won’t be going away anytime soon, the prevalence of online options are increasing in order to help support of the pursuit of education and to fit the needs of today’s tech-centric society. With a wide variety of courses accessible at one’s fingertips, there’s no more worrying about the logistics of being physically present in a classroom or the hassle of someone else’s structured schedule. State-certified teachers are able to offer one-on-one, tailored assistance to students from the comfort and convenience of their own homes or favorite coffee shops.

Whether it’s someone who’s going back to get their high school diploma, or a traditional student interested in accelerated learning and early graduation, online education is obtainable for anyone willing to learn. And as one of the top learning and development trends for 2019, online learning only has room for continued growth and improvement. Not only is it becoming more widely implemented, but is becoming a requirement for many curriculums – offering students of all levels an easier path for getting back in the game or to get ahead of the curve, welcoming:

  • Homeschoolers
  • Traditional Students
  • Non-Traditional Students
  • Adult Learners

As it compares to traditional schooling, most come to consider it as a better or equal experience. Developing important skills such as self-discipline and creativity, earlier, is one benefit – along with being self-paced, flexible, and having the option to recover credits previously lost or prepare for college earlier. In a more traditional sense, offline learning is still available through textbooks, workbooks, hands-on experiments, and even field trips. We continue inviting new ways of learning and combining modern technology, and online learning attendance is growing more than ever.

Why Is There A Higher Demand For Online Learning?

Some sources say the virtual school market is expecting a growth of almost 30%, as this approach to learning has been proven effective – even corporate offices are beginning to participate in online training courses. The Online Education Trends Report for 2018 covers how colleges are adapting their online programs to meet new demands as well. Meanwhile, high school programs are the hardest to keep students involved in. Whether it’s roadblocks involving rocky relationships with peers or authority figures, health complications, transportation issues, or family responsibilities that keep students out of the classroom, online options are within reach for those who need it.

Chronic absenteeism is a problem growing more common, especially among high school students. Many initiatives and programs have been in motion to help prevent greater numbers of students from missing school, but ultimately, there is a need for different education options. Online learning is one of those options. An online learning environment welcomes all students, especially the ones who are unable to attend or complete a traditional schooling schedule. Special education services are also available for those students who may need to go at a different pace or receive more focused one-on-one assistance to succeed.

School, family, health, or employment obligations and conflicts are collectively causing students to not want to attend, not be able to attend, or simply not care to attend classes regularly. Achieve Virtual is combating these issues by offering their hand to the continued evolution of virtual education. Our online education creates the option for students to learn from wherever they want, whenever they want from certified educators.

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