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Completing a Day in Online Public School With Achieve Virtual

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The Day in the Life of an Online High School Student

Achieve Virtual Education Academy is one of the best resources for the online public school. See how students can engage with Achieve Virtual.

For students across Indiana and beyond, the process of going to a traditional high school in order to study and graduate with a diploma can be a frustrating and intimidating experience. The traditional high school experience can be full of things that make it difficult for students to learn to their fullest potential, get their work done in a timely manner and interact with a dedicated community of fellow students ready to help each other learn and succeed. Luckily, now high school students and families of all types have a choice in pursuing their education down an alternative path that can still result in exceptional education.

Achieve Virtual is the first and only one of two online high schools that remain part of an Indiana public school district. In operation for the past 12 years and counting through the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indianapolis, we offer an alternative path to education and a high school degree, all to the highest standards of education. Our curriculum is fully aligned with the standards of the Indiana Department of Education, having been created and facilitated by certified teachers in the state of Indiana.

Our mission is to provide students with an alternative path to education. Our classes are administered by dedicated faculty members, and we provide many advanced courses that smaller schools might not be easily able to provide to their students. Because of our unique setup, we are not only prepared for the future but also fully equipped for the present. Students of all types are able to take part in the courses that Achieve Virtual has to offer and succeed. Our flexibility in our courses and assignments is what provides this accessibility to students. So, who are some of the typical students that Achieve Virtual might teach, and what does an average day look like for them?

Traditional Students

For many students and parents without special requirements in their educational situation, the idea of achieving a high school diploma through online learning might not even occur to them at first. However, for full-time high school students there can be multiple advantages of online education.

For traditional high school students, they might be used to waking up early in the morning, commuting to their classes and staying in school with classes one after the other until being dismissed in the afternoon. This doesn’t have to be the case with Achieve Virtual. A rigid class structure is completely gone in the context of online learning, allowing the student to learn on their own time.

To be considered a full-time online student, students must log into each of their classes for an hour per day, five days per week. In terms of time commitment overall, this is nearly identical to a traditional high school. However, the greater flexibility afforded by Achieve Virtual gives them the freedom to have more control over their schedule. Students can wake up at a time that works for them, not forced out of bed with negative effects on their cognitive function from oversleeping. Removing the idea of a commute to school adds more time for students to learn, and ultimately, this freedom lets each student achieve an education on their terms.

Non-traditional Students

Traditional students often don’t have any serious obstacles standing in the way of them completing their high school education. This isn’t necessarily the case for non-traditional students, however. Often for a variety of reasons, these individuals have found themselves unable to complete high school on time. Perhaps they had to work, maybe an unexpected family or personal illness disrupted their education or one of the countless other factors that could stand in the way of quality education.

Once these students are behind, regular courses for non-traditional students can make it more difficult to get things back on track. With night or weekend courses taking up the main bulk of these schedules, education can pile on top of real-world responsibilities and make it more difficult for students to be able to attend class regularly enough to graduate.

Achieve Virtual’s complete flexibility allows these individuals to log in and attend class virtually, at a time that they know can work for them. Now, instead of an unexpected parenting situation or work schedule shift having a direct negative impact on their education, these students can keep on track in a convenient format and fight toward regaining their education for themselves.


As more and more knowledge has spread online, it’s become easier and easier for parents to provide a complete education for their children from the comfort of their own home. However, with so many rules and regulations as part of Indiana’s requirements for a high school degree, parents might feel nervous about their ability to get their children through this educational journey.

The schedule and curriculum for homeschooled students are set by parents, but with assistance from Achieve Virtual, these families can have greater confidence in their ability to provide a successful homeschool education. Achieve Virtual’s accredited teachers work with parents and can provide an approved curriculum, allowing parents and students to feel more secure.

Even in addition to the greater level of flexibility associated with homeschooling, students can have the ability to contact and talk directly with an Achieve Virtual teacher and ensure that they get all the help that they need. With students learning at home, at their own pace, this path represents a positive step for parents who want to keep their children out of the public school system.

Adult Learners

For adult learners who want or need to go back to school to complete their education and receive a diploma, the ordinary schedule of high school simply doesn’t work. Day-in, day-out learning during the daytime when most adults will be working is an unsustainable proposition, and night classes can butt up against other real-world commitments.

This is especially cruel for adult learners who need a diploma to receive better employment opportunities, as a better life is held behind a wall of difficult-to-navigate classes. Luckily, with Achieve Virtual, the flexibility offered by online courses and personalized attention to each unique situation provide a path forward.

Adult learners can work with Achieve Virtual faculty to find the courses they completed and see what they still need to complete. With online learning they have the ability to go online at a time that suits them, not allowing clerical rules to stop them from attaining their education and diploma.

For students from all types of backgrounds, Achieve Virtual is one of the best options available to attain an education with a sense of self-motivation and flexibility. With staff working with every student, there is no drop off in the quality of education that students receive. In fact, the opposite is often true, with students able to access courses and speak with faculty that they might not be able to do under ordinary circumstances.

As a fully accredited online high school in the state of Indiana, we’re proud to be able to offer exceptional services to all of our students and help them achieve their dreams on their own time. Learn more and take the next step toward your education today.

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