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Achieve Virtual Offers Online AP Courses for Advanced Students

a young woman thinking about life after graduationFor high school students who aren’t challenged by standard material, it’s important that they have the study coursework and materials they need in order to stay engaged. Without a proper academic challenge, students can become bored and even begin to exhibit signs of disciplinary problems while not doing all they can to prepare themselves for the next step. Luckily, AP courses represent the additional challenge and knowledge that high schools are able to provide to students.

What are AP Courses?

Some may think that honors courses are some of the most challenging courses that a high school student can take. While honors courses are challenging and created for students who are performing at an above average level, Advanced Placement (AP) courses are high school courses following a college-level curriculum that is specified and refined every year by the college board. These are different from honors classes in that an end-of-year exam provides college credit provided a student passes. These courses are different not only in the workload and course content, but in the way they can help students prepare for the more difficult academic environment of college.

Prepare for College

Students who take AP courses in high school will be in a much better position to succeed in a college, as they’ll be used to the more difficult subject matter and amount of work that is required from colleges. Unlike honors courses, AP courses are truly college-level. Across every subject, from math to science and humanities and beyond, the content that students learn in this environment is the same as the content that they would learn in a college course. This increased challenge can better engage bored minds of gifted students, but it also requires students to learn better organizational and study skills. Tests and assignments are more difficult, so finding a way to cope and succeed will be invaluable experience for the future.

Lower Educational Costs

The successful completion of an AP course, as determined by the score that a student receives on their AP exam, will settle whether they receive college credit for that course. AP exams are graded on a scale of 1 through 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest. Requirements on score vary between each course, and determine if a student will receive college credit.

With enough successful AP courses completed in their high school career, students can go into college with fewer required courses needing to be completed. With enough AP credits, a student will not have to pay their college for these courses and can even potentially graduate early. Given the high cost of a college education, finding every cost-saving educational measure possible is a wise decision. Along with scholarships, AP courses help high school students thrive in college.

Online AP Courses

Just like in a traditional high school, online AP courses feature additional study materials and teacher assistance with understanding the material and completing the course assignments. At Achieve Virtual, AP courses are taught by instructors knowledgeable about the subject matter who will be regularly reachable to answer questions. With a mix of audio, video and multimedia presentations to teach the subject matter, students will have access to some of the best educational content available in order to successfully take their AP exams. Online learning with Achieve Virtual is collaborative, so students will be able to easily discuss course material with their fellow students and more effectively study.

Taking Your AP Exams

AP exams take place each semester, and are a key element of the AP course process. Just like students attending a physical high school, Achieve Virtual students will take these exams, with options available for where and when the courses are taken.

Advanced Placement with Achieve Virtual

With the right attitude and aptitude, AP courses represent a path to success. AP credits make students more attractive to college admissions, and can lower educational costs in college while raising the likelihood of a scholarship. Achieve Virtual Education Academy is proud to offer a variety of AP courses to our students across every type of learning situation, and as we continue to advance and normalize online learning we provide outlets for the brightest of students to let their talents shine through.

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