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Enroll Now for Achieve Virtual’s Fall 2017 Semester and Learn on Your Time

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Online high school gives you the ability to pursue an education in a flexible manner. And it’s not too late to register for Achieve Virtual Education Academy’s upcoming fall semester! The fall semester runs from July 27 through December 22nd. Enrollment is currently open, and we are accepting new students. Need more time to consider virtual education? Read on and plan for spring 2018.

What is virtual education?

Nationwide, online high schools are on the rise as educators seek new ways to engage and accommodate students’ circumstances. Thanks to digital technology, the educational process can be flexible and compliant with state standards.  

Achieve Virtual is part of the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township, and it complies with the same rules and standards as physical high schools located in Indiana, including attendance, ECA passing, and graduation rates. In fact, Achieve Virtual is accredited by the Indiana Department of Education and staffed by licensed teachers who often create the class they teach.

Students may earn dual credits for some courses that apply for both high school and college credit. Graduates may receive AP, Honors and Core 40 Indiana diplomas.

It’s just like traditional high school in that respect. But what you gain with this program is flexibility.

Why you should consider Achieve Virtual

An online educational program is expansive. It gives you a way to personalize what and how you learn by offering more choice in classes and the ability to adjust when you study and engage in class. This allows you to work during your most productive and convenient times of day. You’ll be able to pace learning to better absorb information and focus on a greater variety of topics that can’t all be offered in physical public schools.

Many students find that the flexibility helps them better balance extracurricular, volunteer, athletic and/or artistic talents. It’s less stressful, and they can get more accomplished.

Who would be a good candidate?

Online high school may not be the best format for all students, but it is a great solution for:

Homeschoolers. Many parents homeschool to be more involved with their children and what they are learning. But the responsibility of meeting curriculum and other requirements for one or more children can be daunting. A virtual educational program still gives parents proximity, along with the support of accredited educators and curriculum. It takes the pressure off while ensuring their child will be prepared.

Adult learners. The logistics of fitting in physical classes and graduation requirements while working a job can be difficult and draining. But receiving a high school diploma is much easier in an online program, regardless of the situation.

Students with special circumstances. When you’re learning how to navigate medical or behavioral issues, an unexpected pregnancy or traveling with parents for their career, sometimes a traditional day school schedule becomes a hindrance. That’s why online high school can be so powerful: it puts control into students’ hands, allowing them to integrate and prioritize classes among other responsibilities.

Summer schoolers. Traditionally, summer school helped students catch up and successfully pass subjects and tests so that they didn’t have to repeat a grade. An online program just makes that process easier, allowing students to work and take productive steps in education, whether to catch up or get ahead.

Interested in learning more? We’d love to answer any questions. Contact us today!

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