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Five Things to Be Thankful for This Season


As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, it is important to reflect on all we have gratitude for. Here are 5 things we should be thankful for this season:

Time with Family

Just as a work/life balance takes emergence in today’s top careers, so has family time among students. Spending quality time with family increases potential both in and out of the classroom, shaping well-rounded students and families. Getting together for dinner and spending time as a family allows unique learning opportunities of its own – and we’re thankful for that!

The Learning Community

More than ever, the accessibility of education is abundant online. With limited time and resources, it can be challenging to tackle a degree or even a new skillset. However, with online classrooms, user-generated tutorials, degrees and certifications, and training academies, the opportunities to learn something new are growing rapidly – with the support of peers. We challenge you to learn something new in 2019 – whether it be a nuanced skill you’ve been attempting to perfect or earning your degree. The opportunities are out there!


Most of us have a mentor we can point to as someone who inspires us and pushes us to aspire to be more. Thank the mentors in your life this season! Whether it be a teacher, friend, family member, colleague, or other individual, they deserve recognition for all they have done.

Expanded Learning

In 2018, people and companies challenged the way we learn – for the better. By looking at new ways to learn and teach, expansion of STEM; refinement of core curriculums; flipped learning and other trends; and more grew and expanded. This allows for more individuals to learn the way they need to. We’re excited to see this momentum continue into the new year.


Each year, we watch aspiring students at all different ages take the chance and jump into their next stages of education. That takes confidence. Confidences doesn’t always come easy, but it challenges us to do more, be brave and go all-in. We’re thankful to all of those who have shared their confidence with us this year!

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