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Meet the Teacher: John Wentland

John WentlandWe recently interviewed Mr. John Wentland, one of our fantastic science teachers here at Achieve Virtual.  He was voted as March’s You Make a Difference award winner and for good reason.  Mr. Wentland currently teaches Chemistry at Crawfordsville High School in Indiana as well as ICP and Chemistry for us at Achieve Virtual.  Our principal, students, and parents agree that Mr. Wentland is a great communicator.  He is a great asset to students and other staff members.  Let’s see what he had to say in our recent interview:


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What is your favorite subject to teach?

I love teaching!  I can’t really say that I have a favorite subject, even though I am a Biochemist by training and I did research in the Bio-medical field before transitioning into teaching. I truly enjoy talking to students and helping them understand the chemical and physical details of the world we live in.


Why did you choose to teach at Achieve Virtual?

I wanted to be part of the opportunity that Achieve provides for students of all backgrounds.  I have had adult students who only need a few more credits to graduate and I have had traditional students who want to enrich their understanding of science.  Achieve gives those students and everyone in between a chance to learn in a low-pressure environment.  It’s a place where students can work around their busy lives and do the work on their own schedule.


Share your best teaching moment.

My best moment is at the end of the semester when I get to congratulate all of my students for earning their credit towards graduation.  As I mentioned above, students come to Achieve for a variety of reasons, but the one thing that they all have in common is that desire for a high school diploma.


What are your future plans?

I look forward to continuing this online journey because it gives me an opportunity to keep up with the latest trends in education. And even though the opportunity to help students who may not have finished high school is reason enough for me, the opportunity to foster a love for science is the reason I became a teacher.

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