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Microlearning: A Top Online Learning Trend For 2019


Think about how food has changed into quick, grab-and-go bites that are easy to ingest. Learning has evolved in a similar sense, adjusting to fit our everyday lifestyles, as the education system competes with the whirlwind of technological advancements and consumer intake.

What Is Microlearning?

Microlearning – deals with relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities; used in e-learning and related fields in the sense of learning processes in mediated environments.

In the ’90s, computer disc games and online resources were a hot commodity for learning at home and in schools. They provided fun, interactive ways for kids to absorb knowledge, all while incorporating what was the newest shift in technology. Now, the same approach is continuing to evolve in order to better assist learning in places of education and even corporate environments. The microlearning educational experience is one that touches on the latest tech trends, offering short spurts of information for easy engagement, as well as better retention.

This learning technique is a quick intake of information, easy to repeat, and has the ability to be implemented in various settings. Think about it – is it easier to take several small bites of an apple, or try to eat the whole fruit at once? Microlearning is bite-sized learning – small, but powerful!

Why Is It A Macro-Solution?

There’s a theory going around stating a human’s average attention span is shorter than your common goldfish. Lucky for us, this myth has been debunked, but still possesses some truths. The believable side of this concept can be attributed more to a change in lifestyle, not as much our dwindling attention spans. Microlearning plays into this, as it is suitable for an on-the-go individual who juggles between several classes, busy kids, sports practices, work demands, multiple tech devices, constant travel, or any other aspects of a non-traditional schedule that is becoming the new normal.

Kids are typically hard to keep seated for long periods of time, while an adult’s schedule doesn’t often allow them to be – making a microlearning learning environment is fitting for all age groups and lifestyles. This new approach to learning can be incorporated into traditional teaching styles or can be featured as a stand-alone platform of knowledge, saving both time and money. There are many options when developing a microlearning program – most involving video clips, infographics, and a focus on vital information, all delivered with a conversational tone and encompassing a style easy to understand.

Achieve Virtual provides a learning style that fits your needs, as well as your schedule. Learning online creates flexibility and provides many creative learning opportunities that are not found within most traditional schools. We offer the option to specialize and easily delve into specific subjects while learning at your own pace and becoming a master by taking one step at a time.

Living in a fast-paced, “now generation” society, we are constantly reading, listening, and shuffling through greater amounts of information than ever before. See how we are presenting our students with quick, but effective learning options with the importance of education in mind. Contacting Achieve is only one call or click away so you can get back to your schedule without missing a beat!

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