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Online Education Fosters Personalized Learning for Students

a woman sitting at a desk writing in a notebookMany students who participate in online courses may experience initial frustration with online learning because they are not adequately prepared for the online learning experience. As students begin to adjust to online education, they begin to realize, as many of our own educators and online experts have, that online education opens up new and exciting avenues for learning and truly fosters a love of learning.

Virtual learning has become a welcomed alternative path to traditional education. A major advantage of online learning lies in its flexibility and its ability to cater to individual student needs. It offers students the freedom to be able to learn independently, customizing a curriculum and experience to accommodate individual learning styles.

“One-size-fits-all” education may have been the standard for decades. However, with technological advancements and greater research into online education as an effective alternative, it’s clear that personalized learning online is here to stay long-term. Some of the ways online education fosters personalized learning include:

Higher Student Engagement

Students in online personalized learning environments take an active role in their education and contribute to their own learning in a meaningful way. They can work with teachers to set learning goals for themselves, work with parents to self-monitor their pace, and utilize all outside resources available to meet statewide standards.

All that is to say that students in online education programs have buy-in. They’re personally invested in making themselves better and are more engaged in their educational journey as a result.

Greater Differentiation

The traditional teaching method of old typically involved the teacher introducing new material, students practicing the new skill with worksheets or other mini-activities, and then students taking a test to demonstrate understanding. The class moves forward regardless of how many students actually master the material. Struggling students often get left behind, while other students might be bored because they master the subject faster than their peers.

In online education, each individual student is able to move at their own pace, and the teacher is able to differentiate their teaching methods and content based on the individual ability level of each student.

More Flexibility

The traditional classroom environment is notorious for staying overly rigid and unmoving. While some students may benefit from this level of structure, it’s anything but personalized.

In an online course setting, students who need less structure or benefit form less rigidity are more likely to show academic and social success. Where traditional classrooms may fail these students, online education step in with meaningful solutions.

Increased Instructor – Student Time

Students in traditional classrooms may not get the personalized attention they need to have their questions answered. This is not a problem for this online education because online-guided discussions and one-on-one time with their teachers is a hallmark of online courses. This increases the chances of a student performing well due to the time their instructors give them. This also enhances their problem-solving and communication skills.

Why Achieve Virtual?

We strive to make every Achieve Virtual student a lifelong learner. Personalized online education is our expertise, and we believe that the online model truly works. Learning online creates flexibility and provides many creative learning opportunities that are not found within most traditional public schools.

Contact us today with any questions you may have or to obtain additional information about our online high school at 317.739.4276.

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