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How Online Learning Equips you for your Future Workplace

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What career are you planning on pursuing? Medical technician? Computer systems analyst? How about a mechanical engineer, IT manager or marketing specialist?

With the way that technology is affecting just about everything, including the workplace, it’s quite possible that the jobs that exist tomorrow could look significantly different than they do today. In fact, some of them may not even exist in the next 10 to 15 years, according to various experts.

No matter which career you’re planning on, it’s essential to possess these core workplace skills: critical thinking, collaboration, complex problem-solving and creativity, according to a report published by the World Economic Forum. These are the skills that will be in demand for most jobs.

To get a jump start, many educators are stressing the importance of digital learning, including  interactive educational experiences and the use of technology to collaborate with other students.

Here are some other ways online learning can help you prepare for future jobs:

Learn a foreign language: Through online education, many students are able to learn a language that may not be offered at the school in their district. For example, Mandarin Chinese is considered one of the most important foreign languages an American student can learn for an increasingly global economy. However, about 93 percent of the languages taught in traditional high schools were focused on Spanish.

Collaboration as the norm: The ability to collaborate with teachers and other students in a digital environment mirrors the methods of communication in future work environments.

According to the Forbes Technology Council, the future workplace not only will require collaboration among co-workers, it will also include collaboration with artificial intelligence. While machines can handle certain functions, employees will work with them, handling more complex problem-solving.

Capable of working remotely. Working independently in a remote location is increasingly becoming the norm at many workplaces. An increasing number of companies are dropping the office space in favor of remote employees, whether at home, libraries or coffee shops. One law firm in Raleigh, N.C., is saving $35,000 a month in rent by adopting that type of working style for its employees, according to a New York Times article. And a recent Gallup survey revealed that 43 percent of Americans said they have worked remotely.

When enrolled in an online school, take advantage of the opportunities to build on these soft/digital skills that will equip you for tomorrow’s workplace.

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