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Remote Learning Offers Relief from Bullying and Harassment

Teen Being Bullied by Peers

Students who are bullied at school may be more likely to perform poorly on tests, have low GPAs, to skip school or drop out altogether. Victims of harassment, threats, malicious gossip and physical or verbal attacks may suffer from depression, anxiety and long-lasting psychological trauma.

Sometimes, bullied students are afraid to tell their parents about what’s happening at school, for fear that if their parents get involved and the school punishes the aggressors, the bullying behavior will only get worse.

Homeschooling and online high school courses are two options that can enable a bullied student to leave a stressful and abusive situation and complete their coursework safely at home. And if students have failed classes due to skipping school or poor test performance, they may be able to take those classes again online to boost their GPA.

Dispelling Common Misconceptions

For a student who is subject to daily harassment, leaving a school to avoid bullying is not a sign of weakness. Rarely will bullies have a change of heart and stop tormenting someone they’ve targeted. And if a student is encouraged to “fight back,” against bullies, the consequences may include suspension or expulsion, injuries and public humiliation.

When a child is being bullied, the first and most important step is to prevent further harm – and that often means moving that child to a different school or a home-based learning environment. The advantage of learning at home is that, for most children, home feels like a safe place, whereas a different school may not necessarily be any better than the other. A safe environment that eases anxiety lets students focus on coursework.

Online Options

One perk of online high school is that students who are eager to graduate can take more classes than are required per semester and fast-track their graduation. Some courses award credits toward both high school graduation and a college degree, giving college-bound students a head start on their post-secondary education.

Accredited online high schools offer the same level of teaching expertise and instruction as traditional schools, and guidance counselors are available to help students plan their class schedule. Learning at home helps students achieve their academic goals, without fear of being bullied.

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