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Student Spotlight: Janena

JanenaOur newest student of the month is Janena.  She is a junior at Achieve Virtual.  She enrolled with us because she wanted to be in the MSD of Wayne Township and had heard great things about the school from another former student.  After graduation, Janena is planning to attend Purdue University and major in Psychology. We interviewed Janena on life as an Achieve Virtual student.


What tips do you have for other online students?

“Being an online student means you can do your school work whenever you want, I know for me that’s been a struggle. You just have to make a game-plan on when you’re going to do your school work. My advice is to get up a little earlier to get it done quicker. Once your school work is done for the day you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want! Works out pretty spectacular for me!”

“I just want to say get your school work done. I understand some days you’re not feeling so hot, but just spend a little bit of time on your school work. You will be so incredibly grateful that you didn’t slack when it comes to the last few weeks of school and you have a load of assignments you still have to do!”


What do you like about Achieve Virtual?

“I think one interesting part of Achieve is that you can go to Ben Davis any night and get help from the teachers there. There’s a math teacher who’s always there and she’s the sweetest teacher I’ve ever met. I just like having the option of people being there to help you if you can’t understand something!”


What teachers have helped you the most?

“Mr. Wentland (my science teacher) has been incredibly helpful to me this semester. We had a phone call which he went over some assignments with me and talked things through. After that phone call I did tremendously better on some of the assignments. I’m very grateful for teachers like him!”


Congratulations again to Janena.  She is a true ACHIEVER!


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