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Student Spotlight: Mase

Student of the Month - MaseCongratulations to Mase, our Student of the Month! Mase is currently a junior at Achieve Virtual and is in his third year of enrollment with us. Mase has been an outstanding student at Achieve Virtual in his three years and well deserving of this recognition.

Let’s get to know one of our fantastic virtual students!

Favorite Subject

His favorite subject in school is psychology because he is fascinated by the human brain and how it works.

Why He Chose Achieve

Mase chose Achieve Virtual because he likes the ability to progress through his coursework at his own pace.

Best Teacher

Mase shared, “Ms. McFall has been a really great help. She has been my math teacher for 3 years now… She is really good at breaking down math problems and making sure you understand it.”

Future Plans

Mase plans on continuing his education in psychology after high school.




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