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Success in Selecting an Online High School

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Successfully select an online high school to attend

In today’s modern educational environment, students now have more options than ever before when looking to achieve a high school diploma. Traditional high schools are still popular, but online high schools have become a readily accepted and welcome alternative to strictly scheduled, inflexible high schools. Too often, the traditional experience doesn’t offer everything that a student needs to fulfill their education while avoiding distractions and engaging with material. For non-traditional or adult learners, the process is even more frustrating.

The need to work while attending classes as an adult meant that in a traditional high school environment, these students would need to attend night classes. However, work schedules and the difficulties of regularly accessing reliable transportation has made going back and getting a diploma impossible for many students. For students in every walk of life who are looking to recover or earn credits and achieve a diploma, online high school can be the right answer. Achieve Virtual Education Academy is fully accredited by the Indiana Department of Education, with a full staff of talented and licensed teachers passionate about teaching and helping students.

So, when looking to select an online high school, what are some of the biggest things you should look out for to make your education a success?

An Extensive Course Selection

One of the first things any prospective online high school student should do is look at the courses and credits that an online high school is offering. First of all, without accreditation, none of the courses that a student takes will be worth anything. Luckily, Achieve Virtual was Indiana’s first fully accredited online public high school. Additionally, an online high school functions best when it’s able to be a complete educational resource that a student could achieve a diploma with on their own.

Achieve Virtual does function as a complete resource, with credits that can provide a student with a complete Indiana Core 40 or Academic Honors high school diploma. Our courses span every field of study including business and career, health and physical education, language arts, math, fine arts, science, social studies, world languages and technology. Whether it’s preparing for a career or preparing for success in college, Achieve Virtual is able to act as a foundation for the future.

No Live Lessons

Live lessons are unfortunately common in some online high school settings, especially considering the entire nature of online learning is centered around flexibility. Online high school students need to have the freedom to access course material and assignments on a schedule that works for them – it’s one of the biggest reasons why online education is as popular as it is today.

Achieve Virtual’s curriculum features lectures, discussions, assignments and video reference material that can all be accessed within a flexible time window by students. We understand that people learn best when they feel ready to learn, and in a traditional classroom setting, a student can be locked into engaging with the material when they feel least prepared to engage. This results in a waste, since they aren’t learning as effectively as they could be. Keeping content accessible and flexible is one of the keys to the online high school experience with Achieve Virtual.

Real, Engaged Teachers

Too often, online education falls into the pitfall of a lack of instructor feedback. It’s simply readable or watchable materials, assignments, and tests. This is more “efficient,” but doesn’t go toward providing a quality education to students. Students need an instructor who they feel they can reach out to and ask questions and engage with the material, and who can reach out to them to ask if the student is struggling or needs any help in the course. That personal touch is one of the largest pieces missing from some online educational institutions today, but Achieve Virtual was created with a different set of values in mind.

Our instructors are real, licensed teachers, based in Indiana. Most of our teachers also teach students face-to-face in the classroom in addition to working with online students. They teach because they’re passionate and driven, and dedicated to seeing hard working students succeed. They’re engaged and available to talk whenever you need them, so you can feel confident and supported in your education.

Original Educational Content

Large educational companies will sometimes buy educational resources for students, and leave it to the students to engage with texts, videos and other content on their own – in other word, with no support. Achieve Virtual takes a different direction. Our curricula are created by the teachers we employ, and we feature original content that’s designed to engage with students and get them to learn the way they should. A personal connection can make all the difference between a lackluster online educational experience, and graduation.

Learn more about how Achieve Virtual Education Academy stands apart when it comes to online education, and remember that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams and receive a high school diploma.

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