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What is Virtual Learning?

 a young black woman with a backpackVirtual learning is attending school online through a virtual school or by taking online courses. Virtual learning is more flexible than a traditional school experience. You don’t have the same structure that a traditional classroom has. 

Virtual learning could be a different experience for everyone. Specific programs have very few faculty members involved, while others are an entire online learning school. Sometimes a course is taught by a teacher virtually, while other times, the student could be given the work to do, and they do check-ins. 

Virtual learning offers access to a wide variety of educational services. Students are no longer in one classroom for a portion of time then moved to the next classroom. The learning environment is entirely safe and secure. The learning experience for each student can also be individualized to consider each student’s learning style and needs. Most importantly, virtual learning allows for the learners to work at their own pace.       

The Benefits of Virtual Education 

There are many benefits to virtual learning that can help a student learn and grow as an individual. The online learning experience nurtures independence and confidence to help a student with their decision-making and life skills. 

Virtual learning is a challenge. It challenges learners academically and challenges them to stay motivated and take responsibility for their education. This type of instruction is a combination of freedom and structure. This mostly has to do with the ability to keep your schedule flexible. You no longer have the structure within a classroom, but there is the structure through deadlines, assignments, and activities. 

The student’s jobs now include being the student and being their principal. You can choose the best time for work, which enables you to get work done when you know you will be focused and motivated. This is where freedom combines with the structure. Students are given the ability to make their schedules and work at their own pace. This can be very beneficial to learners who struggle in the traditional school environment. 

Online learning pushes you to manage your time better and gives you more time to get things done. Whether you’re in high school or are a working adult taking courses at night, school online enables anyone to take a course by eliminating the need to commute, which could take hours away from someone’s day. It keeps you disciplined as you find time to do your work, and it helps you mold your time-management skills. 

Another benefit to online learning is more immediate feedback. When you take tests online, the results come back much quicker than when faculty members in a traditional school give them back. This enables you to quickly see where you’re doing well and what you need to improve on. 

As learners in the virtual setting, you are learning more than just the curriculum. Online learning teaches you technological and digital skills that can be carried into the workplace and your future. By using the tools that allow you to receive your education online, you build your confidence with technology. 

Not being stuck at a desk for hours is beneficial physically and mentally. It can become uncomfortable to sit for long periods. In addition, learners who are stuck in one mundane place for too long can become bored. A bored student is not absorbing material as well as they could be.   

Is Virtual Learning Right for You?

While there are tremendous benefits to virtual learning, it may not be the best education route for everyone. Online school works for learners who are willing to put in the work. Since there is less structure, the student needs to step up and take responsibility, especially if they don’t have a support system to back them and push them to success. 

Virtual learning offers students a way to learn independently with a customized curriculum and experience to meet different learning styles. Achieve Virtual Education Academy offers full-time and non-traditional students the benefits of an online education experience. Whether a student prefers lessons at night or on the weekends or doesn’t have the option to attend a traditional in-person school, they can still achieve their goal. 

If you’re interested in AP courses, but you cannot take these courses due to economic or structural reasons, Achieve Virtual Education Academy offers a lower-cost option. We also offer single classes for small groups of students in the case you do not have adequately licensed faculty members to teach a certain course. 

Adult learners can work directly with Achieve Virtual to obtain certain credits needed to receive the diploma they were never able to get. We can help determine which courses must be completed to achieve that high school degree. If you’re an adult learner, you can work at your own pace. Working at your own pace means moving through courses at a comfortable speed, which improves the odds of success in education.     

If the following criteria are what you’re looking for and you know that you will thrive in the online learning environment, Achieve Virtual Education Academy is here to give you the education you want and deserve:

  • Education that allows you to work at your own pace
  • Enables you to have an open schedule due to course and work time flexibility 
  • Access to one-on-one assistance specific to what you’re learning 
  • A way to go back or continue your education through an online program
  • The opportunity to work towards a more robust future

Completing a degree through an online program can help learners to develop life-long skills. Online learning can help with time management and self-motivation, which can help you through in the future. We can provide personalized approaches and state-certified curriculums if you think that virtual learning and working at your own pace is the right option for you. Visit our website or call 317-836-5839 today.  

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