Virtual Learning at Your Own Pace

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What Is Virtual Learning?

A virtual school does not have a set school year or strict class times. Students who enroll in a virtual high school have the freedom to create their own schedule, one which works best for them and their lifestyle. This availability offers those who work, take care of family, travel, play sports or have complications with health the opportunity to gain a quality high school education rather than missing out because of a prearranged, inflexible timetable.

Achieve Virtual Academy allows students to learn at their own pace. This way, students can spend more time in classes they find difficult, and also have the option of accelerating through those that may come more naturally.

Could Virtual Learning Be Right For Me?

Virtual learning is becoming a popular alternative path to traditional education. A major advantage of online learning lies in its flexibility. It offers students the freedom to be able to learn independently, customizing a curriculum and experience to accommodate an individual’s learning styles.

Full-time and non-traditional students alike can benefit from the experience of online education. In some situations, online students prefer to complete their lessons at night or on weekends if they have families or jobs that occupy traditional school hours. Meanwhile, others have the availability to log on with a regular weekday schedule, but maybe not the option of attending a physical classroom. The same goes for homeschooled students who are interested in a more structured education path or are transitioning into a more traditional education experience.

If you are interested in taking AP course work, but it is not economically or structurally possible to do these classes at your school, we offer a lower cost option to achieve this goal. We also provide single classes for a small group of students, which can be advantageous when you do not have faculty members properly licensed to teach a specific course.

In many cases, adult learners may have been able to obtain some of the credits they needed, but never received a diploma. Achieve Virtual works directly with these students to help determine which courses need to be completed in order to qualify for graduation with a high school degree. In addition to being able to take courses at a time that works for them, adult learners have the option to progress at their own pace. Meaning, students can move through classes at the speed that’s comfortable to them, improving their odds of success in education.

If any of the following criteria are important when selecting the education path that’s best for you, then Achieve Virtual Education Academy is the right place to start.

  • Work at your own pace
  • Have a flexible schedule
  • Access one-on-one assistance specific to what you’re learning
  • Continue or go back to school through a virtual learning program
  • Work towards a stronger future

Completing a degree, especially through an online program, can help develop life-long skills such as prioritizing, time management and self motivation.

As we continue to innovate and find new ways for our students to gain insight into education, we’ll provide personalized approaches and state-certified curriculums. Click or call us today at 317-836-5839 if you think learning at your own, self-structured pace is the right option for you!

Achieve Virtual Education Academy

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