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Achieve Virtual Summer School Advantages

Summer vacation! Summer break! When school is out the possibilities seem truly endless. You want to hang out and relax with friends, go swimming, maybe take a trip to the beach with your family. There’s hiking, biking, working a great job, all the great summer movies that will be released, and every form of fun in the sun imaginable. It’s perfectly understandable why summer school probably isn’t a part of your plans or your idea of what the summer season is all about. 

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Even just reading the words summer school probably hit you in a negative way. But here’s the thing: Whatever your academic situation may be as the current school year comes to a close, summer school offers every student the opportunity to either catch up or get ahead in school—and that is one sacrifice a growing number of students are glad they made because the benefits can be huge. And Achieve Virtual is ready to help!

Summer School Benefits with Achieve Virtual Education Academy

Summer school with Achieve Virtual isn’t like traditional summer school. You take your classes online wherever and whenever suits you best, not sitting in a suffocating classroom at a particular time of day. As long as you have access to a solid internet connection and a laptop computer, you’re free to log on from wherever you want, whether that’s from the comfort of your home or your favorite hangout spot with free WiFi. 

It also means you get to do most of your learning when you want as well. Maybe you prefer doing coursework in the morning and then having the rest of your day free. Maybe you want to hang out with friends during the day and do your schoolwork in the evenings. Either way, you are the one who gets to decide. This flexibility around the where and when of your education schedule is powerfully appealing. 

A Special Note to Rising Seniors About Summer School

For those of you who are in your junior school year right now, you’re probably deep into the college search process. You’re probably also preparing for taking college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many universities and colleges to make those test scores completely optional. It’s also possible many institutions in the post-pandemic environment may continue making those tests optional rather than required. This means your high school GPA and transcript of courses is going to be even more important in the college admissions process. The summer after your junior year is when you can show those colleges and universities how you were proactive in your education by taking an extra course or two you don’t need to graduate, or maybe AP (Advanced Placement) courses, or even dual-credit courses. Those would all look really good to the admissions staff at any college or university. 

Academic Achievement and Distance Learning for Credit Recovery

One of the many benefits of summer school is especially for the student who needs to make up one or more credits for whatever reason. If you want to stay on track to get your high school diploma and graduate with the rest of your classmates and friends, summer school with Achieve Virtual is a great way to do it. You get to move through the material at your own pace while also taking advantage of the where and when flexibility of our online learning program that fits around your schedule rather than you trying to figure out how to attend traditional classes only offered in a particular physical location at a particular time of day. It’s also a very affordable way to make up a credit or two if the course you need happens to be one we’re offering at the best price of all, which is free. Each year we publish a schedule of summer school classes in many subjects any Indiana student can take completely free of charge. 

Graduating High School Early? Yes You Can!

In addition to being able to move at your own pace and do schoolwork in your preferred environment, the online courses at Achieve Virtual allow you to get ahead in high school. Taking advantage of our online courses can allow you to move more quickly through your education. For some students, online virtual summer school has set them up to graduate a full year early!

Students enrolled in a virtual summer school have the freedom to develop a schedule during the summer that works best for them, their friends, and their family, rather than having to adhere to a strict school day schedule. 

You may want to graduate high school early in order to transition into the workforce by getting a good job. Maybe you want to enjoy some extra time off before going to college. Or you might want to even start your college career early if you can. Those are all possibilities when you accelerate your high school education with online summer school.

Taking AP (Advanced Placement) Classes Online

We already mentioned AP courses in our special note above to juniors, but AP classes are a great summer school choice for first-year high school students as well as sophomores. And Achieve Virtual summer AP class offers a great opportunity for exceptional students to engage in thoughtful and rigorous learning. AP classes look great on transcripts for college admissions or even job applications. Although they may be more difficult than other high school courses, they’re worth it. Taking online AP classes during the summer with Achieve Virtual allows students to focus their attention and truly engage in a rigorous online course.

Achieve Virtual Education Academy: Indiana’s First Online High School

Some students may think the kind of online education they experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic is what all online learning is like, and the plain truth of the matter is that the sudden shift to remote instruction was often not a quality experience for many students. We want to assure you there is a huge difference between the remote instruction that took place as an emergency response to a public health crisis and the way virtual school can be when it’s done right. Achieve Virtual has been offering its online high school program for more than a decade, and our eLearning roots go back even further than that. We know how to do online learning right!

Every instructor with Achieve Virtual is a real Indiana teacher who is qualified and certified to teach in their subject area. Even more important, they are all very passionate about teaching and providing the support, encouragement, and one-on-one attention needed to see their students succeed. Many Achieve Virtual students have noted they get even more support through our online model than they ever received in the traditional school setting. 

If you’re interested in attending the Achieve Virtual online high school program either part-time or full-time, we invite you to begin your application now. If you have questions about how it works or if it’s right for you, explore our website to learn more. You can also always feel free to call us directly at 317-988-7144 with any question or concern you may have. We’d love to speak with you about your high school education online!

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