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Your High School Experience: Now Online

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A Non-Traditional Way to Attend High School

Traditionally, we think of online education at a collegiate level, not something available for those seeking to complete the path to a high school diploma. Achieve Virtual Education Academy offers its students valuable knowledge with the option of accessing it from their own home or anywhere with an internet connection.

But what is an online high school education like? No commuting. No snow day make-up. No being sent to the principal’s office. No missing class when you’re sick or have work. And so much more!

What Does Online High School Look Like?

The courses offered online are quite similar to what you take in a brick and mortar high school. Social studies, math, language arts, and even physical education are some of the many offerings available online. The difference is these classes are taken on your time, at your pace.

There are many tools provided for students and our state-certified teachers alike to interact in order to solve problems and clearly communicate solutions. Parents are invited to engage with their students on the online platforms, as they talk with fellow peers over messaging, phone calls, and even field trips – making sure no one feels alone or as if they’re falling behind educationally, as well as socially. This sort of structured curriculum helps teachers coordinate times and create plans for students and their learning styles.

Similar to the idea of online classes many colleges offer, Achieve Virtual creates a learning environment for all to be able to gain the experience they’re looking for. Homeschool, traditional and non-tradition and adult learners are encouraged to enroll without the worry of a strict, inflexible schedule that doesn’t fit their needs. Families with sick children or those who travel with their parents in the armed forces are suitable candidates for our programs as well.

Why Take Your Learning Online?

An education is becoming more valuable than ever. This program was created to not only to prepare children for their futures but to improve the quality of life for adults who may have not had the opportunity to finish their high school education as well.

Whether it’s a child who needs a little more flexibility in learning or an adult who had barriers to finishing school, our online enrollment is open to all interested in receiving their high school education.

Real Indiana Education. Online.

Achieve Virtual Education Academy is Indiana’s only public virtual high school operated by a local Indiana school district (Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township) and is backed by its rich academic history. This experience is within reach – whether you are looking for summer school options, homeschooling, completing as an adult or non-traditional student, and even through recovered credits or early graduation.

With more than 50 courses to choose from, even physical education, and more than a decade of success – contact us today to find out if our program is the right fit for you and your family!

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