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Achieve Virtual Online Middle School

Achieve Virtual to Offer Online Middle School

Schools across the United States learned a lot about conducting remote learning in a virtual environment because of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic. Although it finally feels like the pandemic is loosening its grip on the nation, ongoing concerns about new variants and other unknowns have many families thinking about virtual education options for their children in the coming school year. Achieve Virtual is pleased to announce a new online middle school for students in grades 7–8.

Online Learning: It’s About Expanding Education Options

As MSD Wayne Superintendent Dr. Jeff Butts put it, “The past year has taught us that students need more options for their education.” In many cases, parents discovered their middle school learners thrived in the online learning environment. Given the uncertainties about the pandemic, these parents are welcoming the opportunity to enroll their seventh-grade and eighth-grade students in an online school where most of their learning will take place in the comfort and safety of their own home.

The principal for Achieve Virtual 7–8 will be Derek Eaton, who has been the principal of the Achieve Virtual Education Academy online high school program for grades 9–12 since it was launched in 2011. Eaton, who will continue serving as the high school principal as well, says this new offering just makes sense. “We are excited about this evolving online school opportunity for our students and families as well as our continued partnership with our community.”

Parents can rest easy knowing their seventh or eighth-grader is in good hands with the online learning experts at Achieve Virtual. If your middle school learner is mature enough to not require constant adult supervision during the school day, Achieve Virtual 7–8 is a new option that might be the perfect choice for them. For a more general exploration of online middle school and how it can work, check out Online Middle School on the Accredited Schools Online website.

Will Achieve Virtual 7–8 be Only Online?

The first nine weeks of school will be entirely online for all students. Once the nine-week all-virtual period ends, the model developed for Achieve Virtual 7–8 is a blended approach in which students will attend an in-person, half-day session once per week. These in-person sessions will take place at the new Achieve Virtual Education Academy campus location at Lakeview Christian Church off High School Road next to I-465, just north of Rockville Road (US 36). Seventh graders are scheduled to attend on Tuesdays for a half-day, and eighth-graders will be scheduled for half days on Thursdays.

Dr. Butts explains, “We know that a blended model with mostly virtual and limited in-person instruction is a best practice for this type of learning. Just like we do with our other instructional models, we have created Achieve Virtual to provide the best learning environment for those who choose online learning.”

Does Online Middle School Work for Everyone?

What we’ve learned, not only from the challenges of delivering a quality education during the pandemic but also from ten years of experience with online high school programming, is this: There are many different types of learners. The more opportunities there are for different kinds of learning environments, the better.

Some thrive in the online learning environment while others do much better in the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom. Yet others do best when there’s a mix of both. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the idea of launching an online middle school program is to expand the options available to families so their children can engage their education in the way and environment that works best for them.

There’s a lot of variation among middle school students; some are surprisingly mature while others are not. They are basically on the cusp of being capable of more independent learning and personal responsibility for schoolwork. Those who are further along that development path are especially good candidates for online middle school since they won’t require as much adult supervision as elementary school students.

Online school doesn’t work for everyone. But, for families who have discovered it does work for their student learners, they now have an option to enroll them into a full-time virtual learning middle school with a limited in-person component for the benefits of the physical classroom.

Apply Now for Achieve Virtual 7–8 Online Middle School

Dozens of families have already signed up for the online middle school program for the coming school year. The application process is easy to get started. MSD Wayne families must log into the Family Access in Skyward and select the Online Enrollment tab to submit an application. Anyone who needs assistance with logging into Skyward can contact their current local school.

Separate applications must be submitted for each child who will attend. The application process will include a short questionnaire highlighting requirements and family commitments for enrollment. Full-time enrollment for middle school students in MSD Wayne is completely free.

Achieve Virtual: Indiana’s Trusted Partner for Online Learning

Achieve Virtual Education Academy is proud of its history of being the first online high school program in the state of Indiana. We’ve developed deep expertise over the past decade in how to deliver virtual learning that helps students learn and grow to meet their academic goals. Accredited by the Indiana Department of Education, our curriculum is rigorous at every grade level and adheres to all state curriculum standards. The same will be true for Achieve Virtual 7–8. Our style incorporates plenty of collaboration as well as the flexibility to meet student needs.

Each online course offered through Achieve Virtual is taught by a real Indiana teacher certified to teach in their subject area and grade level. Our teachers are passionate about teaching and student success. Every learner is provided the individual support they need to experience a quality education in the online setting. Coursework in Achieve Virtual 7–8 will cover all the language arts, reading, social studies, math, science, technological, and arts education they need to be ready for the transition into high school when the time comes.

For more information about the Achieve Virtual 7–8 online middle school, feel free to contact principal Derek Eaton directly by phone at 317-988-7144, or email at

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