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Teens in Military Families and Online Learning

Happy soldier reunited with her daughter in the park on a sunny day
Teens whose parents are members of the United States Armed Forces often experience a high level of anxiety and stress in their lives. Their families may relocate frequently, putting teens in the position of having to make new friends, whenever they start school. Some teens may take on more responsibilities, in order to help their families while one parent is deployed on active duty status, and thousands of teenshave seen parents return from active duty with serious injuries.

The stress of being a military family member may cause students to fall behind on schoolwork. Sometimes, students themselves are members of the military – at age 17, teens are eligible to enroll in the National Guard. Whether in the military or a member of a military family, teens may be able to catch up on high school coursework through online classes.

Starting over – at home

Military transfers can come at any time, and students may have to relocate during the middle of a semester, or just months before high school graduation. When online high school is an option, students may be able to finish a semester or earn their diploma at home, rather than deal with the challenges of acclimating to a new school.

When Indiana residents enroll in the military, Indiana is considered their official state of residence, evenif they move temporarily, unless they file a State of Legal Residence Certificate requesting residency in a new state. That means children of Indiana military members would still be considered Indiana residents – and eligible to finish their education at an Indiana online high school – if the family moves out of state.

Learning on a flexible schedule

Even online students are required to “attend” school a certain number of days or hours per week – in Indiana, it’s five days per week. But those five days don’t have to be Monday through Friday, or between specific hours. Online high school offers military teens the flexibility they may need to help with household tasks or look after younger siblings.

Online high school gives military teens more options for completing their high school education in a way that minimizes stress and anxiety.

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