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Can Indiana Students Take Summer School Online? YES!

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The COVID-19 global pandemic has instantly changed everyday life for everyone, including just about every single school student across the nation. The new coronavirus outbreak is forcing all schools in every school district in the US to switch immediately from traditional classroom instruction to some form of remote or online learning in a monumental effort to slow the spread of the virus.

The academic needs of students will be met in some fashion, but how well that goes for so many schools not used to remote learning remains to be seen. Meanwhile, now is the time to start thinking about online summer school for teenagers in high school. Whether it’s for credit recovery or to be better prepared for college, Achieve Virtual Education Academy is your trusted, experienced source for online high school courses in Indiana taught by certified teachers. Learn more about 2020 online summer school with Achieve Virtual in this article, and always feel free to contact us directly with your questions.

Your Guide to Customizable Online Summer School Solutions

Achieve Virtual has been helping teenagers and adults take the online high school courses they need to catch up, complete, or get ahead of the game when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of a high school diploma in the state of Indiana. Online summer school is a great way to meet any number of educational goals. If your family has a high school student who could benefit from online summer school, we invite you to start thinking about it now. Enrollment for the 2020 summer session is currently set to open on April 7! That is the earliest date we will consider applications. Be ready to fill out an application on that day or soon after because this year’s summer school enrollments will be capped at 3,000.

Summer school is often greeted by students with reluctance. After all, who wants to give up any of their precious summer taking a class? Then again, sometimes it’s a necessity. Check with your school for information about whether your student is on track with the right number of credits for wherever they’re at in their high school program. If a high school student in your family is missing a credit and you don’t want to have to try and make it up on top of everything else during the regular school year, summer school is the way to get it done. But online summer school is even better. Why? Because the learner will have much greater flexibility in where and when they do their learning, such as in the comfort of their own home rather than having to show up to the physical school building during daytime hours when they might need to be working a summer job. All they need is a computer (desktop, laptop, tablet) and an internet connection!

Students enrolled in online summer school can take the course or courses (two maximum) they need without ever attending a physical class, which means less of an interruption to many traditional summer activities, though they do still have to carve out the time needed to complete the course successfully. Curious about what we’re offering this summer? Read on!

Summer 2020 FREE Courses at Achieve Virtual Education Academy

What type of course does your student need to take? Language Arts? Math? Science? Social Studies? Health or Physical Education? We’ve got multiple courses in each of those categories, plus a number of electives. Each and every one of the courses listed in the chart below are offered completely free of charge to any high school student in the state of Indiana:

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any student who wants to be in a summer school program. What about summer vacation? What about a summer job? Online summer school eases some of these concerns thanks to its technological delivery of virtual instruction. This grants an appealing degree of schedule flexibility in the where and when of learning for less interruption of everyday life. If credit recovery is your goal to get a student back on track for completing their high school diploma on time, Achieve Virtual is a great way for any student to meet their academic needs through online learning.  

Have a Laptop? Take Online Classes from Anywhere!

Your high school student in online summer school would ideally do most of the program sitting at a desktop computer properly arranged for comfortable learning. But some of the learning can also happen “on the fly” with a laptop or tablet when needed or desired. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the usual setup and head out to someplace outside the home. As long as they can access the internet with a web browser and email, some of their learning can be on-the-go. Studies on a family vacation, however, may not be the wisest choice for the student who needs to get serious about credit recovery to fulfill a requirement they’re missing.

The course chart above gave you a clear break down of what classes Achieve Virtual is offering during the summer 2020 session with simplest cost structure of all: FREE! And they won’t be tied to making it happen in the traditional school environment. Whether it’s an English course, a foreign language course (Spanish I or French I), math, science, social studies, or an elective, the education your child needs to continue over the summer can happen in private, at home, with online learning through Achieve Virtual.

Educational Technology Puts Summer School in Your Comfort Zone

Few things sound more boring to a high school teenager than going back to their physical school to attend a summer coursework schedule. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With educational technology like online learning, instruction can take place in your student’s “comfort zone,” whether that’s with a laptop on the couch or sitting in front of a desktop computer. Virtual summer school can give a student more of that summertime feeling of freedom than they would get sitting in a classroom at their regular school. Achieve Virtual is fully approved by the Indiana Department of Education. Teachers are all real Indiana instructors certified to teach their subject areas. They are passionate about providing the individual support and attention students need to succeed.

For more information on our approach to summer school, visit the Indiana Online Summer School page of our website and download our 2020 Online Summer School Brochure, which has all the details you need about how to register. You can also read a couple of our relevant blog articles, including How Does Online Summer School Work? and Taking Summer School to Get Ahead, Not Catch Up, as well as Virtual Summer School Advantages. If you have specific questions about online summer school, please feel free to call us at 317-988-7144.

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