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Does Online Learning Fit Your Learning Style?

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Everyone has a different learning style – or preference, as some educational experts prefer to call it. If you’ve ever been in a classroom setting or tried to learn a new skill before you are aware of how you learn best. Online learning is a great way to choose the types of instruction that work best for your personal learning style, instead of settling for a one-size-fits-all approach that’s often typical of many traditional school settings.

Apparently, there’s something about online learning that has made it more mainstream among students at all grade levels. Nearly 6 million people throughout the United States are currently using distance learning to get through college. At the same time, about 5 million K-12 students are taking online courses full-time or to supplement their homeschool or traditional school education.

Is Online Learning for You?

If you are thinking about the possibility of enrolling in online courses, consider how this type of learning can work to your advantage – especially when it comes to absorbing knowledge and performing at your best. Plenty of your success can be rooted in your approach to learning.

A major advantage of online learning lies in its flexibility. Since you’re able to learn independently, you have the ability to customize your curriculum and experience to accommodate your learning style.

Take a look at three popular learning styles and the specific types of online coursework that can help you succeed academically, no matter which learning style you prefer.

Learning through experience. If you learn best through hands-on experiences and activities, you may assume that online learning programs would not meet your needs. However, if you find the flexibility of online learning desirable, consider ways you can engage in hands-on learning experiences independently. For example, history lessons can be supplemented by visits to historic landmarks. You can take the initiative to conduct scientific experiments as part of our curriculum. Also, many online programs use video lectures and peer discussion boards to keep personal interactions going. Experience-oriented programs let you learn with others even if you are by yourself. Online programs that encourage hands-on learning would suit your needs best.

Learning visually. Visual learners are the most likely to find online courses that reflect their learning style. Courses that include reading, watching videos, and utilizing graphs and charts can help you succeed in the world of online learning.

Learning through hearing. Maybe you learn through hearing. If this is the case, look for courses that use audio or video lectures. Some courses will use video conferencing at specific times, while other online teachers utilize recorded lectures. Depending on the required reading material, you may be able to find audiobook versions of those texts. If this is the way you learn and you can make time for listening, this could be the right type of online program for you.

No matter what learning style you have, investigate the teaching methods of the online courses you’re considering before you start. There is something out there for every learning style, so don’t settle for something that frustrates you more than it inspires you.

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