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How do I sign up for online school with Achieve Virtual?

a computer screenWhether a family is looking for alternative educational options for their children, or if someone is looking to go back to school in order to complete their education and earn an Indiana Core 40/Academic Honors High School Diploma, Achieve Virtual Education Academy offers the flexibility, courses and educators that students need to get a successful high school education. We are Indiana’s only public virtual high school operated by a local Indiana school district, the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indianapolis. We are backed by the district’s rich academic history and 12 years of online learning experience.

We educate students from every academic background, including traditional full-time students, student athletes, homeschoolers, adult learners, part-time students and beyond. Classes are online, but the bond that students will form with their course teachers is very similar to what would be found with a traditional high school environment. Our educators are passionate professionals, and the attention that they are able to pay to each student is because we control class size. Just like if a traditional high school course had hundreds of students present at the same time, it would be difficult for a teacher to give the necessary attention to each student needing help. With standardized class sizes and enrollment periods, the Achieve Virtual experience is similar to traditional high schools. Signing up doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Enrollment Periods

Achieve Virtual Education Academy operates with three opportunities for registration throughout the year. We offer two semester periods throughout the academic year, as well as opportunities for summer school courses. For prospective students, it’s important to be sure you’re signing up at the right time. Outside of the proper periods, you won’t be able to enroll. To visit our registration page, click here.


If you’re enrolling in the right time period, Achieve Virtual will have vacancies in the classes you’ll need to achieve a high school diploma. A parent or guardian will be necessary for students under the age of 18, and applicants will need to fill out an application form listing some relevant personal and academic information. After completion of the application, Achieve Virtual will call and confirm the information. After that is verified, a counselor will step in to provide an expert hand in selecting the courses that the student will participate in throughout the enrollment period.

Providing Necessary Transcript Information

For students who will be enrolling full-time (not summer school courses) with Achieve Virtual, we’ll need to see a transcript of each student’s academic history and career. We can accept these transcripts in multiple ways, including emailing, faxing and physically mailing them to us.

The process of getting a copy of an academic transcript can feel confusing and overwhelming. It’s important to keep in mind that there are easy options out there designed to work with you in order to get the resources you’ll need to successfully enroll. Docufide by Parchment is a new service, that makes the process of ordering transcripts for school transfers easier and simpler than it has been before. E-Transcripts mean that students won’t need to worry about calling schools personally and looking in the mail; they will be available in a secure, digital manner.

Online high school can seem confusing for those who aren’t familiar with it, but in reality, it’s much like enrolling in a traditional school. Don’t let the process overwhelm you, and know that we’re here to guide you through every step.

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