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Is Online Learning the Future of Education?

Could The Future of Education be Online?

In recent years, the trend of taking secondary school classes online has grown. Today, online learning at all levels has become an effective alternative to brick-and-mortar schools. Education has become more flexible as we have discovered more about the learning habits of today’s students, and at Achieve Virtual Education Academy we believe online learning is the future of education.

Education: The Next Frontier

While it’s true that the mobile learning model isn’t for everyone, there are tremendous advantages to taking education online. Mainly, the learning environment is catered to the individual. You have more control over your learning experience.

Online learning isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. There are several different ways in which students can reap the benefits of online learning:

Project-Based and Proficiency Learning

In project-based learning, students tackle real-world projects to build practical skills while interacting with students and teachers. Once only used in a hands-on setting, technology has now allowed groups to participate in this learning method and then quickly share results and ideas online.

Hybrid Models

This method combines the best of online and in-person learning. Traditionally, much of the work is done outside of the classroom, and time spent face-to-face with students is reserved for follow-ups and engaging discussion. A single course could be a hybrid, or your entire workload can be a hybrid, mixing online classes with traditional in-person classes.

In Higher Education

Online learning in high schools is growing, and a big reason for that is the abundance of colleges and universities that offer it. A report looking at 2015 and 2016 data said 6.3 million college students in the U.S. took at least one online course. Colleges are finding they can recruit students from a greater distance – and different age groups – by offering quality, affordable and flexible education online.

Young students becoming familiar with online learning concepts and getting used to the cadence of learning outside of a traditional classroom can set them up for success in college and beyond. If you’re used to online learning before you enter college, you’re likely to perform better in a virtual educational setting.

The Future of Employment

There are no signs of digital transformation slowing down. The Bureau of Federal Labor says computer and IT jobs will grow 13 percent by 2026. Now that doesn’t mean your student needs to be a tech genius or be interested in IT for a career. What it means is being comfortable with communicative technology while working and learning online will be an asset in the future. Having computer proficiencies is important, and taking online courses helps sharpen those skills.

Who Should Consider Online Education?

At least some form of online learning – whether hybrid or a full course load – can be made to work well for most students. At Achieve, we’ve found online education to be very effective for those with the following traits:

  • Students and parents who are organized
  • Students who display self-discipline and are self-starters
  • Those who are communicative
  • Young people who are usually well-prepared
  • Students who receive encouragement from parents or guardians

The Future Is At Achieve Virtual

Achieve Virtual has resources that will tell you everything you need to know about online learning. Ours is the only online school in Indiana that originates from a public district. We own a rich history of excellence approaching 20 years now, and combine our innovative methods with the tried and true backing of a major metropolitan school district.

For more information about our education options, credentials or to enroll, contact us here or call us!

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