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Should I Enroll My Child in Online School?

Supplement a Homeschool Education

Commonly Asked Questions When Signing a Child up for Online School

Deciding the best path for your child’s education is one of the most important decisions parents face. The education children receive determines their future, making it imperative to find the option that sets your child up for success as well as the academic opportunity that works for them.

According to the 11th edition of Evergreen Education Group’s annual study, 316,320 students attended online schools in 2013-2014. The number continues to rise annually with more school systems adopting online and blending learning options. Achieve Virtual Education Academy is Indiana’s only online high school from an Indiana public school district and provides parents the necessary resources to ensure their child is getting an education specifically curated to match their interests, schedule and learning style.

If you are weighing the difficult decision of whether or not to enroll your child in a virtual education program, consider the following details regarding online school:

Diverse Course Catalog

Enrolling in an online school gives students access to vast resources as well as a wide range of courses available so each student can customize their education to fit their needs and interests. Having a diverse selection of courses available helps students gain a stronger academic foundation and offers students the opportunity to choose electives that interest them and get them motivated to begin thinking about their future career path.

Peer Socialization

A huge aspect of attending a traditional school is socializing with fellow students. It also serves as an important part of a child’s social development. Many parents hesitate about transitioning to a virtual education with fear of isolating their child from their peers. However, when transitioning to a new learning environment it’s essential to adopt new routines to ensure academic success, which includes socialization. The flexibility and advantages that an online school program can afford students an array of options for positive social activities as well as extracurricular outings where he or she can meet new friends and discover new interests.


Virtual school provides personalized learning and a flexible daily schedule that enables parents to meet the needs of their students. When attending an online school, there is no rigid bell schedule that dictates the day. Students may start their day as early or as late as they prefer. Some students may opt for a more managed traditional daily schedule, while others may work on their studies for blocks of time. Overall, online education enables students to enjoy a balance of education, extracurricular activities and family life in a way that suits them.

Self-generated Pace

One of the most popular advantages of your child attending an online school is letting them work through subjects at their own pace. Allowing them the time to fully comprehend lessons before they move to the next fully retain information. Students also have the freedom to work ahead as they wish and open up the possibility of early graduation for high school students. Although taking online course requires discipline and motivation, it also enforces students the freedom to take control of their education, learn time management skills and determine their future success.

Sending your child to an online school is a great way to open up opportunities and flexibility in their education without isolating them. Enrolling your student in certain electives online to expand their options, while still keeping them enrolled in a traditional school is a popular way to transition your child to online education and see if it’s a right fit for your family. Achieve Virtual Education Academy is available to answer any questions you may have about enrolling your child in our courses and can provide additional material and resources to help you guide your child to academic success.

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