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2019 Summer School Enrollment Open

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Enrollment for Achieve Virtual Education Academy’s 2019 Summer School Session is now open! Enrollment is limited for the 2019 session and will only stay open for as long as spots are available.

If you have students who are in need of credits in order to graduate early, recover previously failed classes, or want to take a class that is not offered at your school, then Achieve Virtual is the summer school opportunity for you! This opportunity comes at no charge to the student or the student’s sending school district for select courses.

Attending a virtual summer school is a great option for many students and families. We pride ourselves in offering an alternative opportunity and pathway to success for students across Indiana. The 2019 Summer School Session with Achieve Virtual is the perfect time to prepare you or your student for success in the future.

This summer, Achieve Virtual Education Academy will be offering core courses as well as several elective courses. Students can expect to see availability in English, mathematics, science, social studies, and various elective courses. As every student’s needs are different, offering a wide range of courses is a priority to Achieve Virtual. We strive to meet the academic needs of all students enrolled.

The 2019 Summer School Session begins on June 3rd, 2019 and runs through July 19th, 2019 for a total of seven weeks of class time. For a full list of courses offered during the 2019 Summer School Session, click here.

Details for Enrollment

To enroll, guardians of students will need to create an account on Skyward. New students that have never created an account with us in Skyward before will need to have the guardian information completed and follow the instructions which will be emailed to the guardian’s email address — students will then login as the guardian and complete the student application.

Each day during the open enrollment period, Achieve will send each school’s counselors a group list of the students at their schools who registered during the day along with what specific classes the students requested. The students’ counselors will then respond with approvals or denials to Achieve Virtual Education Academy’s Summer School Session.

It’s important that students coordinate and communicate with their counselors about their summer school plans. Because enrollment depends on counselor approval, communicating about student plans helps the enrollment process move faster.

As long as the school responds with the approval, the student will be enrolled by our office and placed into approved courses in preparation of the June 3rd start date.

Teachers will also begin reaching out to enrolled students in order to help students get acquainted with the system, introduce themselves, and be available to answer any questions. Depending on the class or teacher, these might begin a few weeks to a few days before courses start.

Enroll today to reserve a spot in the 2019 Summer School Session!

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about the 2019 Summer School Session at 317-988-7144.

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