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2020 Spring Semester Enrollment Open

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UPDATE: Full-time registration for the Spring 2020 semester is now closed.

It’s time to register for online courses for the Spring 2020 semester at Achieve Virtual Education Academy! Enrollment will be open as of December 1, 2019. The number of spaces for students is limited, so parents should have their students enroll right away to ensure they have the widest range of options available to them. Enrollment will close on January 3, 2020.

Details for E-Learning in the 2020 Spring Semester at Achieve Virtual

More than 50 courses across nine subject areas will be available during the spring 2020 semester. High school-aged students who have not previously enrolled for online classes will need a guardian to create an account. 

From the Achieve Virtual home page, click on either the ENROLL NOW or BEGIN APPLICATION buttons and you’ll see the guardian request form for a new Skyward account. Instructions for enrolling will then be sent by email to the guardian’s registered email account. Students will then login as the guardian to fill out the student application. 

When we see your application, we typically call to verify the information entered. After verification, the registered student can begin working with an Achieve Virtual counselor to figure out which courses to take. For students who are enrolling full-time (five or more classes in a semester), we will need transcripts from your previous school. These can be snail-mailed, emailed, or faxed to us. A video showing how this enrollment process works is available for viewing on the Admissions page of our website. This page also has detailed information about how to request transcripts using the automated Docufide service.

When classes have been scheduled, the student and their teachers will receive automatic email notifications about class enrollment. At that point, teachers will begin calling students to discuss getting started on their classes. 

Note: Once the enrollment is verified via phone call, an email containing an orientation lesson will be sent to the student’s email. That lesson must be completed following the over the phone verification of enrollment before the application is fully processed. This orientation is now required by the State during the onboarding process.

Who Should Enroll in Virtual High School Classes and Why?

Parents across the nation are envious that Indiana students of all types have an online learning option available to them to get some or all of a quality high school education without ever setting foot into a traditional public school setting. Who might want to take advantage of this groundbreaking model of education? Here the kinds of learners taking advantage of what Achieve Virtual offers:

  • Traditional Students: Some students simply thrive better when they can tackle their high school education at their own pace outside the regular classroom setting in a physical public school. These are students who greater flexibility and control over when and where they learn. They’re organized and motivated and want to learn, and even get ahead, without all the drama and inconveniences that tend to come with attending a regular public school. 
  • Non-Traditional Students: Many high school students experience difficulties that keep them out of school for extended periods of time, with no good ways to get back on track or keep their high school education going. It might be an unplanned pregnancy, an extended illness, behavioral issues, medical challenges, or need to support their family by entering the workforce earlier than expected. Whatever the reason may be, being able to take online classes to receive a high school diploma is a much-needed and welcome opportunity for these students.
  • Adult Learners: For adults who have been out of school for years, or even decades, there have traditionally only been a couple of options. One would be attending night school classes scheduled in a physical location, but many adult learners need a less rigid schedule and greater location flexibility than that. The only other option is self-study or tutoring for an equivalency exam, which often doesn’t feel like much of a real education. Enrolling in online high school courses gives adult learners the flexibility they need to pursue their high school diploma at their own pace, and when and where it suits them best.
  • Homeschoolers: Parents who have homeschooled their children through the elementary and middle school grades often want more support for high school curricula and courses where they may feel less able to teach or facilitate learning at that level. The online courses of a virtual high school allow their children to continue receiving their education in the comfort and safety of their home setting, and parents can stay as involved as they want to be as the students work their way towards their high school diploma.
  • Credit Recovery: Regular high school students who find themselves short on credits to meet graduation requirements can get back on track by taking courses they need through our online high school. This is a fantastic way to get those credits in when your regular public school cannot accommodate extra coursework because of scheduling and teacher availability.

As you can see, there are all kinds of students who can benefit greatly from the online learning courses provided by Achieve Virtual Education Academy. We are fully accredited by the Indiana Department of Education. All our teachers are state-licensed in their specific subject areas, are passionate about teaching, and want to see every student succeed. Students receive plenty of personalized attention and support from instructors during their courses. 

Parents of high school students interested in finding out more about our online high school can find lots of great information about it on our website. Start with the Why Online High School page, then work your take a look at What You Need to Know and Is it Right for You? You can also visit our FAQ page and 5 Common Myths About Online Learning. If you still have specific questions after exploring our website, please feel free to contact us – we’re happy to help!

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