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An Expansive List of Indiana Online High School Classes

Class List

If you are at all considering enrolling in Achieve Virtual’s online high school, you’re probably wondering what courses are offered. Good news! We’ve got the rundown for you.

Achieve Virtual is the first fully virtual site offered by an Indiana school district, and it’s completely tuition-free! The online high school courses at Achieve Virtual are fully accredited by the Indiana Department of Education, giving students the confidence that each class will count toward a high school diploma. Each student is taught and evaluated by a licensed Indiana teacher in different subject areas. All you need is an internet connection and a passion for learning.

Achieve Virtual’s online high school courses can also serve as a supplement to traditional high school classes, allowing students to accelerate graduation, make up for lost credits or even begin working toward a college degree.

Below is an overview of our course offerings for virtual school separated by subject areas.

English/Language Arts

In order to graduate through Achieve Virtual, you must complete and pass eight (8) total credits in English. English 9, English 10, American Literature and English Literature are all required.

Students enrolled with Achieve Virtual also have unique opportunities to take more rigorous and creative courses than some traditional schools in Indiana might take. Students can take courses on novels, etymology, creative writing and short stories, just to mention a few. Advanced students can enroll in AP or dual credit courses as well to begin working toward a college degree.


Achieve Virtual students must complete and pass six (6) to eight (8) credits of mathematics courses from 9th to 12th grade in order to graduate with a Core 40 diploma. If a student chooses to go for an Academic Honors diploma, eight (8) credits are required. Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry are all required for the Core 40 diploma. Pre-Calculus is required in addition to the previous three (3) for the Academic Honors Diploma.

Business Math and AP courses are all offered as elective courses for students who wish to pursue further education in math. Business Math and AP courses like AP Calculus may not be offered at certain schools in Indiana. Achieve Virtual offers students an opportunity to take courses like these not physically offered at their high schools at their own pace.

Social Studies

Geography/World History, US History, US Government and Economics are all part of the required six (6) credits needed to graduate from Achieve Virtual. These courses are standard in most traditional public schools.

We offer courses like Psychology, Sociology and Current Issues as electives. Several AP courses are also offered for students focused on earning a college degree or college credit. These courses may not be offered at all traditional public schools, so Achieve Virtual is the perfect place to round out your educational experience!


We have a plethora of science classes at Achieve Virtual. In order to graduate, students must complete six (6) credits in science courses. Required courses include Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students may also substitute Integrated Chemistry and Physics for either Chemistry or Physics. Earth/Space Science is also offered as a way to bridge the gap between Chemistry and Physics.

High school students with Achieve Virtual also have the opportunity to take AP versions of the required science courses.

General Requirements

All students enrolled in Achieve Virtual full time must complete one (1) semester of Health and two (2) semesters of Physical Education.

All students must pass End of Course Assessments for Algebra I and English 10.

Academic Honors Additional Requirements

Students pursuing the Academic Honors diploma through Achieve Virtual must also complete six (6) to eight (8) credits in World Language as well as two (2) credits in Fine Arts.

In working with your specific academic advisor, you will also establish the required number of AP courses, dual credit courses and AP exams for your specific diploma. Achieve Virtual advisors will help you select the courses that you’re most interested in.

Bottom Line is…

Achieve Virtual has everything you need to succeed. Contact us today to start your educational journey and embrace virtual learning.

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