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Interactions With Teachers In Online Learning

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How do Teachers Interact with Students Online

As the face-to-face interaction between students and teachers at an online learning academy is limited, it’s important that there is an established relationship between teachers and students. Two-way communication is essential, and there needs to be a trusted presence for all parties. Let’s look at why interaction in online learning is important, and how an online education fosters an interactive atmosphere.

How We Achieve Learning Collaboration

There are different kinds of interaction in online learning, and it begins with communication between teachers and students. That leads to effective learning and later success after graduation. The key to achieving this is for teachers to develop their social presence. This means they work to project themselves – and their teaching styles and knowledge – through the online platform.

In their instruction, teachers aim to create four important categories of interaction:

  • Teacher-to-Student
  • Student-to-Student
  • Student-to-Material
  • Student-to-World

Teacher-student interaction in online education must be a two-way street to be effective. Of course, it’s important to foster student interest in engaging with the contents of the course at hand. And, finally, we want students to share what they create with the world and generate applicable life opportunities.

Here are some of the resources available to teachers, parents, and students that can foster healthy and production interaction:

  • Teacher Contact Information Readily Available
  • Regular & Structured Feedback Via Email
  • Virtual Office Hours
  • Community Bulletin Boards

True collaboration comes from both sides. If all parties are engaged, a truly great educational experience can exist.

Creating Engagement Matters

Online interaction between teachers and students is the most important type of interaction. A frequent and healthy back-and-forth helps students feel a greater connection to the environment and leads to better retention and engagement. Better engagement is important because it leads to clear expectations for both teachers and students, worthwhile discussion, needed support and encouragement and instructive feedback.

A Two-Way Street

Online students are also responsible for contributing to the environment. Here are some ways students can do a good job of generating helpful communication that will help everyone:

Share Relevant Experiences Or Stories
Students can participate by adding their personality into their communications, much as they do on other digital platforms. By using the resources made available to them such as forums or bulletin boards, students can help create a meaningful experience with teachers and peers.

Provide Teacher Feedback
Don’t be afraid to ask questions or provide feedback to teachers. Using the resources online can be good for that. Also, take advantage of all of the teacher’s availability to make your voice heard.

Contribute To The Discussion
Do you know the answer to someone’s question? Help them out! If you have a question, don’t hold back – ask. Communicate regularly and respond to all outreach from teachers and the discussion will grow and be worthwhile.

Find An Interactive Environment

Achieve Virtual Academy provides a more flexible and convenient way toward an Indiana state-certified high school diploma. Backed by more than a decade of an online learning experience and the resources of the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indianapolis, students and teachers alike thrive with Achieve Virtual.

If you’re looking for the benefits of online learning while still maintaining the collaborative and interactive feel of a traditional high school, Achieve Virtual is your answer. Contact us today to get started!

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