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Overcoming Challenges with Achieve Virtual

Time Management
With time management being a difficult challenge for many students, Achieve Virtual offers the opportunity for students to take their schedule into their own hands. With better time management skills, students are set up for a more successful future.

Social Interaction
The lack of traditional face-to-face communication can be an issue for online high school students, so Achieve Virtual Academy instructors encourage webinar-style discussions and online feedback.

Lab and Practical Applications
Through a program called “Gizmo Labs,” Achieve Virtual is able to offer college board approved online virtual labs that provide a similar educational experience without the necessity for hands-on contact.

Dealing with Social Implications
It’s a common misconception that online education is easier or less efficient than traditional education, but the flexible free time with Achieve Virtual does mean that students can find the extra time for a part-time job and structure their social life how they want.

Worrying About College
Achieve Virtual’s curriculum is state-mandated, with the same requirements and educational level as every other high school. With a flexible schedule, participating in volunteer opportunities or work can make students even more welcomed candidates to colleges.

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