Fall 2023 Registration is Now Closed

Registration is Now Open for Fall 2020 Online High School

Whether you’re looking for a way your high school student can make up one or more missing academic credits or are looking for a full-time education option that is safer than physically returning to class during the pandemic, any high school student in any community in the state of Indiana can enroll now in Achieve Virtual Education Academy for the coming school year!

Uncertainty is the Name of the Game for Traditional High School Right Now

Rising juniors and seniors in high school across the U.S. are facing unprecedented levels of certainty about the coming school year, and right at a time when they’re getting serious about figuring out where they might want to go for college. Many already consider this past spring “the lost semester” of learning, which is bad enough. What’s going to happen now? Will universities and colleges continue to give breaks for pandemic learners? What’s the status of admissions testing requirements moving forward? Will there be an effect on the availability of financial aid? School matters even more to juniors and seniors looking ahead to higher education, but the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic has every student scrambling for answers that don’t seem to even exist yet. This level of uncertainty is frustrating for everyone.

Even if Schools Open for the New School Year, Will it be Safe?

While many students are understandably concerned about whether or not their upcoming school year will look anything even close to “normal,” many parents are more concerned about the health and safety issues at stake. If school does open up for physically attending classes, will enough safety protocols and procedures and requirements be put in place to prevent learners from becoming “vectors” that bring the virus home to family and other relatives who may be more vulnerable to COVID-19 complications? 

Everyone would love nothing more than for things to just go back to normal, but this pandemic is far from over—especially since there is still no vaccine or even an effective treatment, and it could still be quite some time until either become widely available. Parents who want to ensure their high school students can continue their academic learning without the risks associated with going back to traditional school have a safer option available: the online high school program of Achieve Virtual Education Academy! 

Online High School is the Safest Way to Learn During a Pandemic

Parents of high school students who noticed their learners did well during remote learning this past spring can get a whole new level of peace of mind by signing up now for fall 2020 courses at Achieve Virtual. This will reduce uncertainty for families and keep learners on track for college when the time comes. All students need is access to a good computer or laptop with a solid internet connection. They can do all their classes from the safety and comfort of home, and they will receive all the support they need from class instructors. The students who do well are those who can stay organized and are motivated to engage their learning in the virtual environment. It’s not for everyone, but you can learn more by visiting Is Attending Online High School Right for You

Details on Fall 2020 Enrollment with Achieve Virtual

Dates for the fall semester at Achieve Virtual run from Wednesday, August 12 through Friday, December 18. Please note that space is limited, so the time to register and enroll is right now (placement is on a first-come-first-served basis until we’re full). We will no doubt be filling up fast for the coming semester since many parents want to keep their children home for health and safety reasons. 

For high school learners who are minors (under 18), a parent or guardian must create an account through our website. Instructions for enrolling will then be sent by email to the guardian’s registered email account. Students can then log in as the guardian to fill out the student application.  When we see an application come in, we usually call to verify the information entered. 

For students who are enrolling with a full-time status, we need a transcript from your previous school, which can be snail-mailed, emailed, or faxed to us. A video showing how this whole enrollment process works is available for viewing on the Admissions page of our website, which also has detailed information about how to request a transcript using the automated Docufide service.

After verification, the registered student can begin working with an Achieve Virtual counselor to determine which courses to take. Dozens of courses across nine subject areas will be available during the fall 2020 semester. Learn more about what classes we offer on the COURSES page of our website.

When a class schedule has been determined, the student and their teachers will receive automatic email notifications about class enrollment. At that point, teachers will begin calling students to discuss getting started on their classes. After everything about enrollment is squared away and verified, an email containing an orientation lesson will be sent to the student’s email. That lesson must be completed following the phone verification of enrollment before the application is fully processed. This orientation is now required by the state of Indiana during the onboarding process. Note: Students enrolled with a full-time status pay nothing at all to attend Achieve Virtual. Part-time students pay modest fees per course, but the student’s regular school district may also help pay for those. 

More Information About Achieve Virtual

We are the first online high school program in Indiana to be fully accredited and approved by the Indiana Department of Education. Our teachers are highly qualified real Indiana teachers and are passionate about seeing their students succeed. Students can receive a full high school education through Achieve Virtual to earn a complete Indiana Core 40 or Core 40 with Academic Honors (AHD) diploma. Our online high school is managed through the Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Wayne Township. If you have any question or concern about how our program works or if it’s right for you, always feel free to call us directly at 317-988-7144 and we’ll be happy to speak with you!

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