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Self-Discipline Needed for Online Schooling

Discipline Needed

Full time online learners will tell you that their online education has allowed them to succeed in ways that traditional schooling might not allow. Online students at Achieve Virtual have control over their learning environment and work space, can work at a pace that they deem reasonable, receive more on-on-one attention from teachers and staff, and design a tailored and personalized educational experience that fits their individual needs.

Those same online learners will tell you that all of that freedom requires discipline. All of the possible distractions that occur outside of school walls can make online learning initially difficult. With the right set of skills and a hardworking attitude, any student can succeed at Achieve Virtual. If you have or want to develop any of the below skills, Achieve Virtual’s online program might be for you.


Staying organized is essential for success in online courses. Because students don’t have face-to-face interaction with teachers or peers, it’s the responsibility of the individual student to stay organized and up to date with their course load.

For example, successful online students will stay organized by keeping an assignment calendar or notebook, having individual folders set up in Google Drive or on their computers for each class, and keeping a daily to-do list to name a few.

Organization also prepares online students for success in higher education. Online education has many similar freedoms to college, and the organization skills acquired through education programs like Achieve Virtual will set students up for a smooth transition into college life.


Because students have no face-to-face interaction with their teachers, active and honest communication is even more important than in traditional schooling. Each student works at a pace suitable for them, and communicating that pace and work style with their teachers is crucial for online learners.

For example, a successful online student with Achieve Virtual that is struggling with a specific assignment might reach out to their teacher and let the teacher know what they’re struggling with, tell the teacher why they’re struggling, and then ask for specific help. Asking questions about homework assignments or tests is a good thing. It shows the teacher that the student is ready and willing to learn.

Just as important as communicating with teachers is communicating with parents or guardians about progress and/or struggles. Every parent or guardian wants to see their student succeed, and communication throughout their educational journey sets them up for a successful experience.

Motivation & Minimizing Distractions

This one is the hardest, but also the most rewarding. Everyone has days where they struggle staying especially motivated. However, successful teachers and students know that staying motivated throughout their education program ensures that they get the most out of their learning.

Online classes like those offered through Achieve Virtual require self-motivation. Successful online students will set short-term and long-term educational goals and celebrate meeting those goals. For instance, a student might set a short-term goal of mastering the quadratic equation. When they meet that goal, they might reward themselves with a short break in the day or with something sweet. It’s little things like this that keep students motivated.

Staying motivated also means that successful students minimize the distractions around them. The newest Netflix show might be tempting, but thriving learners will set up a work space separate from distractions like phones or TVs and then reward themselves with those things after they complete what needs to be done for the day.

Proper Preparation & Time Management

At Achieve Virtual, we emphasize the importance of time management and proper preparation. Students must stay on top of assignments from a variety of classes while simultaneously working at their own pace. For an unprepared student just beginning online students, this can be overwhelming.

Online students need to have time management skills. Some students may set out a certain amount of time per day to spend on each subject. Others will use their organization skills to set up daily calendars and due dates for homework assignments in one handy location.

By managing their time using some of the methods above, successful students are also able to engage in meaningful learning because they’re preparing effectively for homework assignments and assessments.

Is Online High School Right For You?

If you or your student possess or want to improve any of the discipline skills listed above, enrolling in Achieve Virtual’s virtual high school education program might be right for you!

Attending virtual school is a great option for many students and families. We pride ourselves in offering an alternative opportunity and pathway to success for students. By using the discipline skills above, every student can achieve success with Achieve Virtual.

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