Fall 2023 Registration is Now Closed

Registration Now Open for Spring 2021 Online School

Computer Keyboard e-Learning Concept.Schools everywhere are still struggling to manage classes in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid approach. If online classes feel safer for your high school student, act quickly to secure a spot at Achieve Virtual. Registration is now open for spring 20221 online school! Every course offered through our virtual campus is taught by a real Indiana teacher, but space is limited. Whether it’s to make up a credit or two to stay on track for graduation or full-time enrollment, start your student’s application today—just click the enroll now button on the homepage of our website!

Act Now to Enroll in Achieve Virtual Education Academy

It comes as no surprise that we saw a sharp increase in enrollments for the fall semester of online high school at Achieve Virtual. We expect the same, if not more, for the spring semester. Online learning in a program like ours comes with more than a decade of experience in helping high school students succeed. Each course is designed to fulfill the requirements of a high school diploma in Indiana. We also offer dual-credit classes for students who want to earn college credits, as well as Advanced Placement (AP) classes that also help earn college credits. Many students and parents often wonder how online high school will be viewed by universities and colleges. You can read more about this in our recent article, How is Online High School Viewed by College Admissions?

The COVID-19 Pandemic Isn’t Over Yet

Recent news about two different safe, effective vaccines has everyone feeling hopeful. It’s also important to understand that it’s still going to take many months before those vaccines can be widely distributed and administered. Meanwhile, the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing exponentially as daily new cases reported are routinely in the range of 150,000–190,000, and that’s before everyone wants to travel for the holidays. What’s the safest location for your high school student to learn? If in-person learning, even when limited in a hybrid model, feels too risky, then a virtual campus with online classes may be the safest location of all. Registration for both full-time and part-time students is now open at Achieve Virtual Education Academy for Spring 2021—but act fast because space is limited

Online Academic Opportunities for High School Students at Achieve Virtual

A solid academic course schedule is what we always offer at Achieve Virtual. Visit our online high school courses page to see the catalog of various classes we offer across nine different subject areas, including Business & Career, Health & P.E., Language Arts, Math, Fine Arts, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, and Technology. If the need is for your high school student to make up one or more credits, you can enroll with a part-time status and pay a fee per course (the student’s regular school district may help with the payment). And if you want your high school student to attend full-time, it’s always free of charge to attend Achieve Virtual full-time. 

Learning in the Online Classroom

Online high school isn’t for everyone, but it’s working for more students now than ever before. Achieve Virtual’s accreditation comes from the Indiana Department of Education. Each course is academically rigorous and meets the curriculum standards of Indiana for learning and assessment. We mention this because one of the common myths about online learning is that it is somehow easier than regular school. At Achieve Virtual you can rest assured students are receiving a real Indiana education with real Indiana teachers fully licensed and highly qualified to teach their subject areas. Students do best when they’re engaged, motivated, and eager to move forward. Find out more about the pros and cons of online high school and whether or not it’s right for you

Indiana’s First Online High School: Achieve Virtual Education Academy

We’ve been celebrating 10 years of online high school at Achieve Virtual, and look forward to serving up quality online high school programming far into the future. Our teachers are passionate about seeing their students succeed, which means your high school student(s) will get all the one-on-one support they need in each course. 

Our website is packed with resources and information to help you better understand how online high school can fill the need for effective education from the comfort and convenience of home. Leveraging the power of modern technology for greater flexibility in the how, when, and where of instruction and study makes sense in the digital era of the twenty-first century, and even more so during a global pandemic. Online class is the safest way to learn right now, and when it’s done by instructors who know how to make effective use of the technology, it can be a truly rich and rewarding experience for your high school student.

If you have questions about Achieve Virtual and online high school, please always feel free to call us directly at (317) 739-4276. We’re always happy to speak with you and answer your questions. Keep in mind that space is limited for spring 2021, so the smart move is to begin your application now!

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