Summer 2024 Registration Opens April 2nd

Spring 2021 Registration Opens in December

Student applying online for high schoolMark your calendars now if you want your high school student to secure a spot in the next semester at Achieve Virtual! Our online high school spring registration will open on December 1. Keep in mind that space is limited. Full-time registrations tend to fill up faster than part-time, so plan to act early if you’re considering a full-time enrollment status for the spring semester. You can always check the homepage of the Achieve Virtual website for an update on whether full-time or part-time enrollment is full and closed. 

Quality Virtual Learning to Keep Students and Families Safe

Everyone wants life to go back to pre-pandemic normal, but it will likely be many months before effective vaccines and treatments become widely available. If the way school is currently happening (in-person, online, or hybrid of both) for your high school student isn’t working well, we invite you to consider enrolling in Achieve Virtual for an effective, supportive remote learning experience to keep students on track to obtaining their high school diploma. An added benefit is lessening the chances of contracting or spreading the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 within your household and beyond.

What Does Achieve Virtual Offer for Classes?

Before you decide about online high school spring registration, you might be wondering what we offer. There are typically at least 50 courses across the following subject areas:

Whether you need to make up a credit or course or two to stay on track for graduation or want to enroll full-time and receive your Indiana Core 40 high school diploma through us, Achieve Virtual has what you need to succeed in online learning. Find out more about diploma options in What Does It Take to Get a High School Diploma Online? Our advanced education opportunities include AP (advanced placement) courses as well as dual credit courses for college credit through Vincennes University. 

Deciding if Online High School is Right for You

Both Adult learners and teenaged students might choose online school for any number of reasons, including the flexibility it offers to learn where and when suits you best, avoiding aspects of traditional school that don’t work well for them, or needing to stay home because of a medical condition. This year and into 2021 these reasons also include wanting to avoid exposure to the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic or becoming a carrier who gives it to others, such as at-risk loved ones in their household and community. 

A whole lot of students have had to get used to remote online learning during the pandemic, but many schools or individual instructors in those schools still struggle with making virtual learning match the quality of classroom instruction. The good news is that Achieve Virtual has been doing this for more than a decade, so we know how to make work. And it also isn’t the right choice for everyone. Read the following pages to help determine if our kind of online high school program is right for your high school student:

Achieve Virtual Serves Up Online High School for Indiana Students

In addition to our decade-plus experience in delivering virtual education that serves our students well, we also want you to know that every course is taught by a real Indiana teacher who is certified to teach that subject. Our students get all the one-on-one support they need because our teachers love seeing their students succeed. Students who enroll with a full-time status pay absolutely nothing—it’s FREE. If you’re a student in MSD Wayne Township, you also attend for free, even on a part-time enrollment status. Otherwise, part-time students are asked to pay a modest per-course fee. For students from other districts attending part-time, check to see if your school district will pay for some or all of your course fees. 

We’d love to welcome you into the robust online learning environment of Achieve Virtual Education Academy. If you have any questions at all about how things work or if it’s right for you or your student, please feel free to contact us through our website or call us directly at (317) 739-4276. We’re here to help!

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