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Student Tech Tip: Math Review Tools

If you are an online math student with a phone or tablet, here are some apps and websites that might help with some of your online courses and give you extra practice.


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Khan Academy

Khan Academy allows you to watch videos over various math topics and challenges you to show mastery through a game-based approach. It is a great website and/or app to reference if you want more assistance with a topic or to just play and improve on your skills.

This app is available online or on IOS or Android.


Shmoop Math Shack

The Math Shack is a fun way to practice and learn various math skills.  Go to the site and search for the topic you are learning right now.  Shmoop does a great job of making math (and other topics) entertaining for high schoolers.

Bonus: If you browse over to the Learning Guides section of Shmoop and click on a math subject, you can find good (and usually hilarious) study guides for most of the skills you are learning in your math classes.


Graphing Calculators

There’s an app for that! Graphing calculators are very expensive and some of your more advanced math courses will need them.  Instead, check out one of these calculator apps listed in this 10 Best Calculator Apps article. I personally like the Desmos Graphing Calculator.


And Many More!

Chris Beyerle curated a great “edshelf” of his favorite high school math apps. Check out some of these: Math Apps for High School (Click the link or view the shelf below).


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