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Tech Tip of the Month: August 2014

Tech Tip of the Month: Badges at Achieve

Hello Achievers!  To begin, let me introduce myself:


So what are badges?

bundle-achievements-thumb-1The badges in My Big Campus are called Achievements.  They are a visual representation on your profile of the great things you are doing at Achieve Virtual!  If you are a gamer (serious or enjoy a casual game on your smart phone occasionally), you are probably familiar with badges that you receive for accomplishing certain tasks. 


Our teachers worked this summer to design a badging plan for you all.  To see what you need to do to receive the various badges, visit our official Achieve Virtual Badging website.



Keep an eye on that page and see how many you can collect!  If you think you have earned one, don’t be afraid to let me or your teacher know.  We are super busy and sometimes we may accidentally miss an opportunity to award a badge. 

If you have additional ideas for badges, include them in the comments below.  As a matter of fact, you can earn your very first special edition badge by sharing your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.  😉 

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