Use The Summer To Get Ready For Fall Learning

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Summer needs to be fun, but you don’t want your child to lag behind before school starts in the fall.

Believe it or not, the summer can be a great time to focus your children on new knowledge and to prepare for the upcoming school year. Academic loss is the idea where students fall behind while out of school for the summer and need a lot of time to catch up in the fall. This can be avoided by keeping your child engaged with their interests, and in the end, they’ll end up learning and picking up new academic skills.

Here are some tips to keep your child interested in learning and having fun, even during the summer:

Field Trips And Summer Camps

For as long as there has been summer, there’s been summer camp. By sending your child to a camp that supports his or her interest allows them to learn from peers and camp counselors while gaining a deeper understanding of the camp’s topic. When camp is over, engage with your child to see what they learned. Ask questions, there’s probably an opportunity for follow-up.

Family outings are very educational and it’s likely your child will find something of interest there. Your child will be interested and educated at:

  • Art, science or history museums
  • Zoos and aquariums
  • Arboretums and orchards
  • Factories and historical sites

Summer vacation is a great way to keep your child’s mind sharp for the fall. You can make your own field trip, filled with family fun for everyone!

Learning At Home

You don’t need to leave your house to learn about the world. Resources at home are valuable, and you can build activities around the world you’ve explored – all from the comfort of your own home. See the world at home with:

  • online maps and internet research of places and cultures
  • globes and atlases showing faraway lands
  • video documentaries or podcasts

Additionally, there is educational value to be found in the kitchen. The relaxed schedule of the summer allows for cooking, which fosters creativity and learning. Learning kitchen skills is both practical and fun, and you’ll love the quality time spent together. As a bonus, you’ll have something tasty to eat at the end of the activity!

Don’t forget about other classic at-home activities, like playing card and board games. Your child can keep his or her mind sharp and expanding while developing new vocabulary and math skills. There’s a surprising amount of learning that takes place while playing Scrabble or Sorry!

Even The Library Is Fun

The library isn’t only about reading. Your local library is packed with resources such as games, movies and magazines that can encourage reading and also teach new topics in a variety of ways. Going to the library is never a bad idea, and eventually will lead to an increased interest in reading and learning.

As summer turns to fall, your child can continue developing and learning with online courses from Achieve Virtual Academy. Fall courses at Achieve Virtual offer the best of both worlds, with your child enjoying the flexibility of Indiana’s only online high school that has the resources and background of a public school district.

Single classes and full enrollment can help your child take that summer learning and apply it to better grades in the fall. Contact us today or call 317-622-0915 to explore the opportunities available in online learning for your child!

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