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Characteristics of Online Learning Success

by James Totton, Social Studies teacher at Achieve Virtual Education Academy The M.S.D. of Wayne Township has developed an educational philosophy of offering multiple pathways to achieve the student goal of graduation.  This philosophy has helped Wayne Township to develop some of the most advanced blended and virtual learning programs available to students in the […]

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an infographic that displays common myths about virtual schools

Debunking Myths Infographic

There are many myths and misconceptions floating around about virtual education. In fact, quality virtual schools can provide an alternative solution for students that is just as rigorous and valuable as a traditional high school experience. Learning is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom, but rather can happen anytime, anywhere. Check […]

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5 Benefits of Virtual Schooling

There are many benefits to attending a virtual high school.  If you or your child are interested in this option, take a look at just five of the benefits of online learning.   1. Flexibility Without online education, there isn’t a traditional 8-3 schedule.  Students have the ability to learn when and where they want. […]

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a word cloud related to Fair Use

Fair Use

This post is part two in a series on copyright compliance online. Fair Use is a term that is used frequently, but do you really know what it means? Many teachers think that anything they want to use is fair use because it is for educational purposes.  That is not necessarily true.  Fair Use is […]

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April Student Tech Tip: Getting Academic Help

For this month’s student tech tip, I’d like to highlight two resources shared on the Edudemic website. Edudemic is a site that provides educational technology help for both students and teachers.  In the past year they have shared two different resources that the students at Achieve Virtual might benefit from. The 5 Best Study Aid […]

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Summer School Enrollment Open

We are currently accepting summer school enrollments (and filling up QUICKLY).  Summer is a great time to take online courses.  Here are just some of the reasons you might want to take a class online this summer: Catch up on previous classes that you may have failed Earn extra credits to graduate on time and […]

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Meet the Teacher: Robert Lewis

Congratulations to Robert Lewis, the You Make a Difference Award winner for last month. In this post, we highlight one of our wonderful social studies teachers.  This short video lets you meet Mr. Lewis as he shares what he is most excited about in his courses, what makes him an effective online teacher, and why […]

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NetTrekker: New for Staff & Students

My Big Campus, the learning environment used for Achieve Virtual Education Academy courses, has added a lot of great content to the My Big Campus library for our staff and students. NetTrekker is a company that curates quality digital content from around the web.  This is a great resource for teachers and students! Teachers can […]

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a picture of Mase, Achieve Virtual's student of the month

Student Spotlight: Mase

Congratulations to Mase, our Student of the Month! Mase is currently a junior at Achieve Virtual and is in his third year of enrollment with us. Mase has been an outstanding student at Achieve Virtual in his three years and well deserving of this recognition. Let’s get to know one of our fantastic virtual students! […]

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Thankful for Virtual School

  Thankful for Virtual School As we approach the holiday season, we have been reflecting on all that we are thankful for here at Achieve Virtual Education Academy.  We, like many of our students, are especially thankful for the opportunities that virtual education provide.  Here are just a few of the reasons why we are […]

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