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5 Tips to Engage the Modern Learner

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Technology, resources and innovative education tools have made today’s students experts at multitasking. They have grown accustomed to having access to information at their fingertips. However, with numerous distractions available to them it can be challenging to keep them engaged. Here we share some suggestions to keep the modern learner engaged in their studies.

Make it Visual

Many studies have shown the power of visual imagery in learning. Visuals are concrete and much easier to remember. A huge benefit of online learning is having access to numerous tools that appeal to the visual learner. While past generations relied on textbooks and lectures, modern learners can take advantage of videos, virtual presentations, online discussion forums as well as countless other resources. Online learning gives students the opportunity to learn in their own way and the ability to control the pace and playback of content. This can make learning difficult concepts more tangible and boost their knowledge comprehension and retention.

Let Students Control Their Education

Every student is different. They have a range of different learning styles, goals and interests. It’s critical to curate an education that is unique to them by letting them be in control of their education. It is impossible to create a course that is tailored specifically to every student. This is why virtual learning and integrating online courses with a traditional school is a popular option for modern learners. Online learning provides the flexibility for students to determine their own path and customize an education that appeals to them.

Customize Their Education Experience

As we mentioned previously, education should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. It is a disservice to students if they aren’t getting the most out of their education. A great advantage of attending online school is having readily available advisors and mentors willing to help students create an educational experience they enjoy and keeps them consistently engaged in learning. With a wide array of tools and courses available, there are options to cater to every type of learner.

Encourage Dialogue and Participation

Online learning is most successful when there are dialogue, involvement and support present. In an online learning environment, educators can create robust discussions pertaining to each topic related to the course. This not only introduces students to their peers, it is essential for keeping them engaged and ensuring students are cognitively aware of each subject matter. Making interaction among classmates apart from the curriculum also helps build critical thinking and comprehension skills.

Get Students Outside the ‘Classroom’

A virtual education allows students the option to learn at their own pace and everywhere they want. Although we encourage students to keep a consistent routine, it can be beneficial to incorporate experiences into the curriculum. Field trips can enhance learning through real-life contact with the topic at hand. By requiring an outing of some sort educators can integrate the experience actively in their course curriculum and connect students in an experiential way.

There are many ways to promote engagement among modern learners and it is certainly not limited to this list. Achieve Virtual is Indiana’s only high school from an Indiana public school district. We make sure our students are getting an education unique to them. Contact us today to learn more.

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