Keep Kids Learning with These 7 Free Educational Apps


Keep Kids Learning with These 7 Free Educational Apps

The novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic forced an abrupt shift from traditional classroom education to online learning virtually overnight. Lacking adequate time to make this shift, the online learning environment resulted in a widely varying quality in education from the preschooler to the high school student to college and adult learners. But for parents who […]

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COVID-19 Pandemic Forces School Facilities to Close

Educators across the nation have had to scramble to make a dramatic shift to remote learning in the face of school building closures due to the novel coronavirus pandemic and the COVID-19 disease it causes. Every teacher in every grade is doing what they can to provide virtual learning. But distance learning is no easy […]

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Student Staying Organized with Online School Work

Virtual High School Learning Serves Needs of Many Students

Parents want the best for their children. This desire of parents to do right by their children is especially strong when it comes to education. Traditional physical schools have been doing the best they can with the resources they are given to meet the educational needs of each student, but they do have their limits. […]

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Online High School Credit Recovery

Online Virtual High School for Credit Recovery Students

Credit recovery may sound like something for people who have declared bankruptcy or have a bad credit score but no, that’s credit repair. Credit recovery is a term that has to do with reaching the graduation finish-line of secondary education and receiving a high school diploma. Graduating from high school depends on students meeting the […]

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Traditional School vs Online School

For Students Who Cannot Attend Traditional School

Some students don’t have the option to attend a traditional high school for any number of reasons. From traveling to behavior issues to an unexpected pregnancy, some students cannot fit traditional schooling into their lives. That’s where online schooling comes in. Instead of getting behind on credits, students who cannot attend traditional high schools have […]

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Catch Up On School Credits

Virtual School Lets Your Student Catch Up On Credits

Catching up on credits in traditional brick and mortar schools during the school year can be incredibly difficult. Regardless of the reason a student has for needing credit recovery, it’s important that they earn the credits necessary to receive their high school diploma. Virtual schools have become a great way for students to receive the […]

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Discipline Needed

Self-Discipline Needed for Online Schooling

Full time online learners will tell you that their online education has allowed them to succeed in ways that traditional schooling might not allow. Online students at Achieve Virtual have control over their learning environment and work space, can work at a pace that they deem reasonable, receive more on-on-one attention from teachers and staff, […]

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Summer School

Virtual Summer School Advantages

Summer is full of endless opportunity. Kids have the opportunity to spend their days outside, hang out with friends and relax after the school year. For some students, summer also offers opportunities to get ahead or catch up on their coursework through summer school. Summer school is always given a bad reputation in the movies. […]

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7 Tips to Help Online Students Get into College

Ready to take on college? Whether or not you’re at the point of filling out applications, it’s never too early to start building the habits that will help you gain admission into the colleges of your choice. Based on recent statistics, it’s getting harder to get accepted into college — especially top-tier institutions. Although the […]

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Take a Virtual College Tour

It’s that time of year! Seniors are making decisions about what college or university they are interested in attending in the fall.  Part of that important decision is making college visits to potential universities.  Sometimes that is not as easy as it sounds, though.  For many of our virtual students, it is difficult to travel […]

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