Virtual Learning For Gifted Children


Virtual Learning For Gifted Children

For gifted children, finding the right curriculum able to move at their pace and engage them rather than leave them bored and restless can be challenging. Especially in a traditional school environment, programs often aren’t flexible to cope with gifted students. Achieve Virtual Education Academy offers online learning for gifted and talented students, with the […]

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Overcome Barriers To Student Engagement

Traditionally, one of the most difficult aspects of education is overcoming the barriers to student engagement. Before, this came in the form of encouraging face-to-face group interactions and public presentations to engage with the material. Achieve Virtual pursues online strategies to help grow student engagement. Making content recorded and available online can allow students to […]

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Overcoming Challenges with Achieve Virtual

Time Management With time management being a difficult challenge for many students, Achieve Virtual offers the opportunity for students to take their schedule into their own hands. With better time management skills, students are set up for a more successful future. Social Interaction The lack of traditional face-to-face communication can be an issue for online […]

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College Transition

Transitioning from Online School to College

Adjusting to anything new can be stressful and challenging. However, making the leap from high school to college can be incredibly difficult. You’re adjusting to an entirely new environment – including the school, students, teachers, a new room and a more rigorous academic schedule. That’s why you’ll likely experience what many people frequently describe as […]

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Dual Credits

The Benefits of Dual Credits in High School

If you’re like most students, tuition fees are among the first things that come to mind when considering a college career. Of course, that’s for good reason. The average cost for tuition and fees range from about $10,000 to $35,000 annually, depending upon whether you attend a public or private school. Additionally, that doesn’t include […]

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Virtual high school offers many benefits to students in need of nontraditional learning.

Four Reasons to Enroll in a Virtual High School Program

There’s no denying that virtual high schools made headlines in 2017, providing opportunities for thousands of displaced students following this fall’s hurricanes, creating new options for students living in rural and isolated communities, and allowing refuge for students facing an increase in bullying and cyberbullying. Virtual high schools present a myriad of benefits for a […]

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Online high school experience

What is it like to go to a virtual high school?

You don’t necessarily grow up faster in a virtual high school, but for some students it is a structure that develops confidence, assertiveness, and other skills that will serve them in the workforce. The day-to-day experience is largely created by students, who are responsible for completing assignments–on their own time. Many find that they have […]

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girl reading in a park

Summer Reading: Learn and Prep for the New School Year

Indianapolis Public Library’s 2017 Summer Reading Program, Read it and Eat, is one fun way to learn, win prizes like Colts tickets, practical gifts like college savings accounts and give back via Gleaners Food Bank donations. But whether in a formal program like this or one you create, summer reading can help you get a […]

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High School Diploma or Equivalency Test

Which Matters Most to Employers? “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” –Malcolm X Graduating or earning your high school diploma is big deal in American culture. In fact, early withdrawal from high school isn’t conclusive to your education or work prospects. Second chance programs, […]

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Social Networking Diagram

Landing Your First Job After School

Tips For Landing Your First Job After School You don’t have to graduate with a degree in sales to market yourself, but you will need a plan to keep up with your competition in the job market. Landing a job after graduating can be taxing. Some employers won’t hire you if you lack experience. But […]

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